Simpplr awarded “Top Remote Work Tech Solution Provider 2020” by CIO Review

By Hani Khan

As we hit the tail-end of a very long 2020, Simpplr is excited to learn that we’ve been awarded a “Top Remote Work Tech Solution Provider 2020” by CIO Review Magazine.

Simpplr’s software helps organizations connect, engage, and align their workforces by streamlining communications and equipping employees with information across multiple locations. Modern intranets help create a more engaged and connected digital workplace and streamlines critical top-down communication to create a single source of truth.

According to CIO Review, “Simpplr provides a centralized, single source-of-truth for centralized company communications. The modern intranet is a company’s virtual headquarters and needs to emphasize critical information, curation and personalization.”

“Simpplr is really excited to be recognized by CIO Review as a valuable remote work solution provider,” said Dhiraj Sharma, Simpplr Co-Founder, and CEO. “As organizations transitioned to work from home this year, communication became a top priority and the need for a virtual headquarters emerged.”

COVID-19 has amplified the need for modern intranets as employees are getting further disconnected from many of their coworkers and other departments. Many companies are reevaluating their communications tech stack to help employees stay informed and connected. Whereas it’s easy for formal communications to get buried in emails or messaging apps, Simpplr helps ensure the most important updates make it to all employees.

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