Simpplr announces new Work from Home 2020 Communication Plan

By Hani Khan
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Simpplr is announcing a new Work From Home 2020 Communication Plan to support organizations with a guaranteed two-week deployment for its enterprise-wide internal communications platform. Simpplr built its software to help remote and distributed organizations connect and align their workforces by streamlining internal communications and connecting employees across disparate locations.

Many organizations are focused on collaboration tools such as instant messaging and videoconferencing to bring employees together, but organizations should understand that these technologies alone are unlikely to unify the entire organization.

“Employees need a centralized, single source-of-truth for centralized company communications. Leaders need a platform to lead the organization and reinforce employee morale to mitigate fear and doubt,” said Dhiraj Sharma, CEO of Simpplr.

Internal communications platforms like Simpplr can help for the following reasons:

  • Employees need a trusted, clutter-free place for critical company communications and information: The news is constantly changing, so companies should establish a source-of-truth where critical news won’t get lost (such as in messaging apps and email). The platform can become a company newsroom where updates are placed for clarity and alignment and to quash rumors.
  • Prolonged employee isolation will require proactive work to keep the full organization connected: Employees need to feel connected to their company, not just the co-workers they have meetings with each day. This connection impacts employee engagement and helps remote employees maintain their personal networks. Thus, companies should consider investing in tools and processes that keep employees linked to the broader organization.
  • Remote employees will need good news and emotional support: Working remotely for extended periods can make employees feel lonely and disengaged from the organization. By using an internal communications platform, leaders and internal communications teams can reinforce values, share success stories, and keep morale positive.

As part of the Work From Home 2020 Communication Plan, Simpplr is promising companies a two-week deployment time frame and an accelerated onboarding package. Many Simpplr customers have already expanded their licenses this week to communicate across all of their remote employees and contractors.

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