Ways to Sell Intranet Engagement to Employees

By Hani Khan

In early 2020, the world shifted to work-from-home almost overnight with many industries getting shut down in the wake of a global pandemic. Most organizations have announced a remote work program till the end of the year while others have taken it further and extended work from home well into 2021. 

As organizations determine how and when to have employees return to the office, employees are figuring out ways to ensure job security in a tumultuous economy. By removing extensive morning routines and long commutes, many have either been working longer hours to show their loyalty and increase productivity blurring the lines between professional and personal lives. 

With so much uncertainty, collaboration tools have taken center stage as organizations work through what many are calling ‘the new normal.’ While Slack and Zoom have been beneficial in connecting small teams and individuals, employees need to be connected to the broader organization. Having a well-configured intranet can streamline top-down critical information while aligning and connecting employees organization-wide. 

Create Original Content

As conference season has become non-existent in the wake of a pandemic, people have found new ways to share their expertise with fellow professionals and employees. A great opportunity lies in-house by having employees share content or ideas on the company’s intranet. It’s a chance to stand out and get noticed among fellow coworkers and even leadership by letting your insights be known. A digital workplace allows employees to grow professionally and engages them to have their voice be heard especially now that most organizations have extended their remote work programs which can lead to employee isolation and lack of motivation.

Utilize Intranet Newsfeed

Intranet newsfeeds are a direct live stream into everything that is happening within an organization whether its CEO communication or social activities. As remote work extends further into the future, it’s important to encourage employees to engage with fellow colleagues on what they’re up to on your intranet platform. Share important company announcements, employee achievements, celebrations and wins on a central platform to encourage socialization and interaction on posts. It’s important that your intranet is a reflection of your company culture and is one that inspires everyone. 

A Successful Organization Requires Engagement 

Employee engagement is a top challenge at most organizations. When employees come together on an internal platform, it can make them feel more connected, foster community, and understand how their contribution matters. Modern intranets have the benefit and advantage of being a system to truly foster employee engagement as opposed to simply tracking it or trying to manipulate it with short-term incentives.

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