[Webinar Recap] Diligent: Breaking down organizational silos with a new intranet launch

By Hani Khan

Diligent, a global board portal software, partnered with Simpplr to share their story on breaking down organizational silos with a new intranet launch. 

Evan Clough, a Senior Project Manager on Diligent’s IT team, shares how HR and IT partnered together to find an intranet solution that fit both of their evaluation criteria. Simpplr was able to fit exactly what the two departments needed: easy deployment, prioritizes adoption and usage, easy to scale, use and administer, and most importantly not dependent on IT resources! 

As the leader in modern governance, Diligent has grown rapidly from 400 employees to more than 1,000 employees over a three-year period. With the massive influx of new employees and the fact that more than 30% of the company’s workforce telecommutes, it became clear that Diligent needed to transform its intranet into a collaborative tool that unified employees.

By streamlining communications with a robust content strategy, Diligent was able to see high engagement rates with Simpplr that wasn’t seen via their previous intranet. Evan also shares the ownership strategy with the IT and HR partnership as well as the benefits of a joint partnership effort from vendor evaluation to implementation to post go-live.   

Diligent’s process included:

  • Evaluating various intranet providers from an IT and HR perspective to meet organizational and internal communication goals
  • Successfully launching ‘The Launchpad’ cross-functionally across various departments and receiving high numbers of employee engagement 

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