[Webinar Recap] Engage your team and empower communication with your intranet

By Hani Khan
UC Hastings is world renown and California’s first law school with a diverse, multi-dimensional curriculum that includes nine concentrations, eleven centers of excellence, and over seventy student organizations. With multiple audiences of students, faculty and staff, UC Hastings needed a private network to communicate important policies and news on a reliable channel of communication.

UC Hastings partnered with Simpplr for Engage your team and empower communication with your intranet featuring Camilla Tubbs, Associate Dean for the UC Hastings Library and Technology, as she shared how UC Hastings uses Simpplr to communicate secure and strategic information to three very different audiences. 

Webinar Recap: Empowering communication with your intranet

As an organization with three very distinct audience segments (Students, Faculty and Staff), UC Hastings was having a hard time finding a solution that could share audience dedicated information centralized on one platform. With a low adoption of Sharepoint, more internal content was being posted on an external UC Hastings website in order to provide information and content for their various groups.

In Engage your team and empower communication with your intranet, Dean Tubbs showcased how the law school launched their first intranet platform to improve and centralize important updates and news to use Simpplr as a single source of truth. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how UC Hastings:

  • Creates audience segments to communicate to multiple communities
  • Develops and moderates valuable resources to streamline communication across audiences
  • Successfully engages users to create an integrated community

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