Work from Home Diary: How to Stay Motivated Working From Home

By Hani Khan
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Working from home has turned into everyone’s new reality. With major companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google implementing WFH till the end of the year or even in a permanent capacity, it seems like this is the world’s new normal. 

Many office workers are now in their third or fourth month of working remotely from what was expected to be only 6-8 weeks. And it seems that many are struggling to find their focus and maintain a healthy work-life balance. The novelty of a very unique situation is now waning off. 

The time that is gained by eliminating commutes and an increase in flexible work hours has resulted in a loss of social interaction and work-life balance. As organizations accept that remote work is here to stay, it’s important that the overall employee experience doesn’t get disrupted. 

Here are some ways to stay motivated working from home:

Create a Routine

Waking up at a regular time, getting showered and dressed ‘professionally’ helps kickstart the day with a regular routine. By removing a relaxed element, you’re starting the day and focusing on the work ahead regardless of what your WFH office may be. As you set your routine, it’ll be easier to stay motivated and cross items off your to-do list. 

Maintain a Schedule

Create a structured workday to help maintain semblance of being in an office. The desire to stay in bed or start later can be very tempting when working from home. Establish a time to begin and end work so that you don’t end up working longer hours than usual. 

Empower Employees with Information

Without insight into company strategy and updates, employees can feel disconnected from the organization and purpose of work. Leadership and managers need to have the ability to communicate timely company updates to align employees across the organization. Having a centralized communication platform makes it easy for managers to communicate with their teams effectively. 

Vacation Time 

While we may be working from home, it’s still important to take a break and enjoy some fresh air or change of scenery. Breaks are proven to boost productivity and help a person stay focused. 

Check off Accomplishments

It can be easy to forget to acknowledge all the hard work that you’ve put in throughout the day. Maintain a checklist of your to-do list (WITHOUT feeling the need to add more tasks) to recognize all you’ve done. Sometimes a visual reminder of what you’ve accomplished can help reframe your productivity.

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