How to Hire for Digital Workplace Team: Digital Workplace Manager Job Description

By Hani Khan
How to create an internal communication plan
The past year has created an urgency for organizations to build a digital workplace strategy and foundation as remote work is here to stay for the foreseeable future. 

Businesses are looking for and implementing the best solutions that improve internal communication and collaboration across all business functions.   

The Digital Workplace Manager Role

The Digital Workplace Manager is typically in charge of all of the applications, technology and/or platforms that are utilized by the employees within the organization. This role is responsible for a number of platforms such as video conferencing tools, instant messaging apps and a company intranet that aligns organization-wide communication and collaboration. Regardless of what department the Digital Workplace Manager role resides in, their main function is to connect and administer the digital workplace efficiently and effectively. Most importantly, this role’s main goal is to build the company’s “virtual headquarters” to engage and align employees on the same page. 

Sample Digital Workplace Manager Job Description

As the Digital Workplace Manager, you’ll be working to help connect employees across the organization to adopt key workplace tools to ensure a seamless employee experience. This role will help define and develop the organization’s digital workplace strategy to enhance employee engagement and collaboration to help design the digital workplace of the future. Working in close collaboration with IT, HR, Marketing and others, the Digital Workplace Manager will be responsible for areas of communication, collaboration and productivity workplace tools to enable employees to perform their best in a modern setting. 

Digital Workplace Manager Core Responsibilities:

Responsible for the organization’s digital strategy: You will align on communication and collaboration tools that will be used as digital workplace solutions. 

Develop the Digital Workplace program: Lead the planning, communication, assessments and implementation of key digital projects within the workplace

Monitor analytics and tool usage: You’ll need to regularly assess what tools are and are not working for the organization and improve upon processes to make the experience seamless and maximize impact.

Maintain the intranet’s central administration: Being an administrator for the Simpplr intranet is easy and doesn’t require technical skills. As the digital workplace manager, you will have the ability to edit and create content, send newsletters, manage user access, maintain branding and design, and determine what content is front-page news.

Actively seek feedback from users and key stakeholders: You’ll run focus groups and surveys with users and work closely with key stakeholders (especially leadership, HR, IT) to ensure their voices are represented.

Digital Workplace Manager Qualifications:

Experience: 5-7 years experience working with and/or managing employee experience tools 

Strong Domain Expertise: Be equipped with knowledge on deploying employee communication applications such as Atlassian, Slack, and Intranet platforms

Organized and creative: Must be able to respond to tight timelines and have the ability to problem-solve with creative solutions that enhance the employee experience

Analytical and strategic: Need to be able to use data to generate insights and reports that translate into strategic initiatives to improve processes

Excellent Communication Skills: You will be working very hands-on with a variety of teams and departments, must have great interpersonal skills, verbal and written that are effective in a team environment

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One of the key roles of a digital workplace manager is to identify the needs and challenges that an organization is dealing with. The focus of Digital Workplace managers is on the employees to understand what they need to fulfill their employee experience. By aligning the organization’s strategic vision with adequate communication and collaboration tools, you will have the ability to make a meaningful impact on employees.

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