How to Hire an Intranet Manager: Intranet manager or administrator job description

Are you considering hiring an intranet manager/administrator? The workforce is changing, becoming more distributed than ever. Intranets are changing as we know it. It's more important than ever to connect, align, and engage your organization.

Employee intranet software is an effective tool to solve these challenges, but it takes more than just technology. Hiring an intranet manager or administrator is one of the best things you can do to maintain an effective and sustainable intranet. Aside from having a single owner to manage the intranet, there are several pillars of having a successful intranet, including governance. Learn how to avoid the top 10 reasons intranets fail here.

The intranet manager or administrator role

The intranet manager or administrator is the linchpin between the following departments: HR, IT, Marketing, and Comms. You’ll see the intranet manager in a project management role or somewhere in internal communications. Regardless of where the intranet manager resides, the intranet manager has the sole responsibility of connecting and aligning the cross-functional departments, in addition to intranet day-to-day activities. We’ve put together what we believe is critical to success as the intranet manager. Feel free to use our sample intranet manager or administrator job description below. But more importantly, make sure that your team is aligned on what your organization needs to ensure success.

Sample Intranet Manager or Administrator Job Description

As the Intranet Manager you will be the primary owner of the technology that connects our business! Day-to-day, you will coordinate with leaders across the organization, project manage a steady drumbeat of engaging news, maintain the intranet’s visual design, work with site owners and content contributors across the organization, monitor analytics to gauge what content is working, and hold the keys to the intranet’s core administration. Most importantly, you will build your company’s “virtual headquarters”, a place that connects employees, keeps your organization transparent, and engages all employees in what matters most!

Intranet Manager or Administrator Core Responsibilities:

Chair the intranet governance committee: You will regularly coordinate activities across the intranet governance committee, a cross-functional group across HR, IT, Marketing, Legal, Operations, and our leadership, to review how internal communications are meeting objectives.

Monitor analytics and prune content: Intranets fail when they become content dumping grounds. You will use embedded analytics to understand what content is thriving, what needs to be removed, and what is in demand but does not exist.

Project manage the intranet content calendar: To keep the intranet thriving, you will manage a continuous drumbeat of content that ranges from the necessary and strategic to fun and culture-building.

Train and coach content creators and site administrators: Managing an intranet takes a village, so you will work with contributors across the organization and oversee what gets authored to ensure their content is up to date and that they are aligned with the overall intranet strategy.

Help make our leaders better communicators: You will work with leadership, occasionally ghostwriting, to not only ensure their messages heard and top of mind for employees but also interesting, relevant, and engaging.

Champion the intranet cause and keep it focused: As the intranet manager, you are the intranet’s primary ambassador and will continuously focus the organization on the intranet’s purpose: to connect and align the business!

Maintain the intranet’s central administration: Being an administrator for our Simpplr intranet is easy and doesn’t require technical skills. As the intranet manager, you will have the ability to edit and create content, send newsletters, manage user access, maintain branding and design, and determine what content is front page news.

Actively seek feedback from both users and key stakeholders: You’ll run focus groups and surveys with users and work closely with key stakeholders (especially leadership, HR, IT) to ensure their voices are represented.

Intranet Manager or Administrator Qualifications:

Comfort with contemporary web-based technology: You have 2 years deploying internal communications or managing a web-based technology like an intranet.

Strategic acumen: You can understand the big picture and align with the organizational strategy so the intranet can be a digital representation of our culture and strategy.

Excellent organizational coordination skills: You’re comfortable corralling key leaders and convincing them to invest time in internal communications.

Project management: You’re organized and can plan well in advance to keep the intranet’s content humming.

Excellent verbal & written communication skills: You’re a good writer. You can both tell emotive stories and deliver succinct strategic communications.

You don’t need to be a coder: Our intranet technology uses point-and-click administration so you don’t need a technical background and will have little reliance on IT.

Make it easy for your intranet manager or administrator with Simpplr

Keep in mind that we created this intranet manager or administrator role template from the modern employee intranet point of view. We believe that today’s employee intranet should be intuitive, engaging, integrated, and intelligent to enable and empower organizations to move at the speed of business. Modern employee intranets should make the intranet manager’s role easier so that he or she is able to focus on the outcomes rather than the technology. When you equip your intranet manager or administrator with the modern employee intranet, you’re removing external friction so that your intranet manager can successfully align your governance committee, project manages the intranet content, and engage the entire workforce.

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