Simpplr named 2021 Saas Award Winner in Best UX/UI in a SaaS Product

By Brendan Patterson
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Simpplr is a winner in the 2021 SaaS Awards Program with Best UX/UI in a Saas Product! 

The SaaS Awards is a software awards program that celebrates innovation and excellence. Simpplr was chosen from over hundreds of organizations with entries from across the world, including the US, Canada, UK, Australasia and EMEA. 

“After a challenging 18 months, it’s a true testament to Simpplr’s hard work and keen design eye to be named as a winner of Best UX/UI in a SaaS product at the 2021 Saas Awards,” said Dhiraj Sharma, CEO and co-founder of Simpplr. 

Simpplr provides an unmatched, immersive user experience to help our customers improve productivity, increase employee engagement and most importantly help employees find work more meaningful and fulfilling. Our philosophy is that if you have to train employees on how to use software, you’ve already failed.  

Our platform is built with the highest design standards that make it easy for employees to use. The Simpplr interface is extremely intuitive and helps employees connect with colleagues and find the information they need to do their job without a lot of clicks. 

Head of Operations for the SaaS Awards, James Williams, said: “So far, 2021 has been a year of transformative growth for successful organizations, with disruptive change across most areas of business.

“We’ve seen a huge growth in awards categories such as Communication, Collaboration and Conferencing – an industry which has seen particularly striking growth as people change their working habits. 

At Simpplr, the UX process starts by gathering the users’ needs and pain points. There are two, highly collaborative ways in which this is done. The first way is through the User Experience Research or UXR initiative, as a part of which the designers conduct in-depth interviews with the product users. The second way is by having regular meetings with the Customer Success and Sales teams to gather the motivations and frustrations of the current customers and prospects. 

The collected information is then tested and analyzed –  it is further deconstructed to understand the ‘why’ behind ‘what’ the users have said. This process defines the real user problems that should be addressed.

“What stood out on the Simpplr application was their impressive dedication to discovery: from the annual surveys to the observational research, it was clear they have a strong grasp on the customer problem space. They also demonstrated a commitment to collaborative ways of working and offered very specific evidence about the success and satisfaction of the resulting product. Well done Simpplr.” — Graham Beale, SaaS Awards judge

User experience is critical for our customers and customer co-innovation continues to drive our product usage and development which shows in adoption and customer usage rates. Hear directly from some of our 300+ happy customers.

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