[Webinar Recap] Measuring Intranet ROI in the Digital Workplace

By Hani Khan
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The sudden shift to remote work caused intranets in the digital workplace to become a valuable and critical asset to companies to keep employees engaged and connected. With so many competing priorities, IT teams need a compelling business case and ROI strategy that lives past the implementation phase.

Nutanix partnered with Simpplr for Measuring Intranet ROI in the Digital Workplace featuring Amit Bhatnagar, Sr. Director of IT at Nutanix, to share how he helped lead quantitative tests to prove ROI for a new intranet project.  

Webinar Recap: Measuring Intranet ROI in the Digital Workplace

In late 2018, the company reached the point where these organic methods were no longer working as well at scale, and employees began having difficulties finding information across all of their channels. They wanted a single source of truth, with an emphasis on finding reliable information provided by the correct business owners.

In Measuring Intranet ROI in the Digital Workplace, get insight on strategies that help demonstrate the value of an intranet in your digital workplace. Nutanix’s initial success was largely driven by its ability to position the intranet investment as a productivity tool. Many companies have historically struggled to show how intranets provide concrete business value. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Demonstrate ROI of your Intranet
  • How IT can measure employee productivity of a distributed workforce
  • Build an effective case showing ROI through A/B testing and surveying

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