How Does IT Deliver on the Promise of Employee Experience?

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Employees struggle at work. 

Outdated systems, departments that operate as independent silos, a lack of internal communication and knowledge sharing, and the ever-increasing pressure to be more productive are additional challenges that can lead to negative employee experiences and satisfaction. 

The topic of employee experience (EX) has traditionally focused on the Human Resources department, but what about IT’s role in this evolving area? 

IT plays a critical role in improving and strengthening the employee experience. While IT is typically the department that oversees and deploys and maintains any new technology introduced into a work ecosystem it’s often overlooked their role in company initiatives like employee experience. It’s time to start looking at IT teams as stakeholders, decision-makers, and even the caretakers of employee experience technology.

To truly understand the important role IT plays in improving the employee experience, Simpplr in partnership with CMSWire, conducted an Employee Experience Technology Stack survey in Q1 2022. The goal of the survey was to discover what IT thinks about employee experience. 

About the Survey

The Employee Experience Technology Stack survey took place in Q1 2022. More than 400 IT professionals across various industries and sizes shared their viewpoints on technology powering employee experience. 45% of the respondents were at the director level or above. 

The survey consisted of 20 questions, and covered topics such as:

  • What role IT plays in improving employee experience
  • Whether IT is held accountable for EX outcomes and their organizations, and to what extent
  • Budget changes over the next 12 months for EX technologies
  • IT’s role in the purchasing process of EX technology
  • And more

IT teams need this eBook to understand the full capacity of employee experience and its future.

This eBook summarizes the information gained from our recent Employee Experience Technology Stack survey. Each result gives valuable information for IT teams preparing for changes in EX.

In this survey, a whopping 91% of survey respondents stated that improving the employee experience is critical for their organization’s ability to deliver on its mission and that 96% would be responsible for newly implemented EX technology.

Download a complimentary copy of the “How IT Delivers on the Promise of Employee Experience” eBook and learn:

  • Which technologies are fall under EX 
  • Factors that drive investment in EX technologies
  • The top 7 EX metrics against which IT is measured 
  • The 5 outcomes organizations have experienced after adopting EX technology 
  • Steps involved in the purchasing process
  • Barriers to improved EX
  • Successful EX outcomes 

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