Meta-switch: 3 big reasons to make the Workplace migration to Simpplr

Workplace Migration to Simpplr
Meta’s unexpected Workplace sunset is disrupting employee communications and forcing thousands of organizations to look for a new platform. But with this departure comes the chance to bounce back better by making the Workplace migration to Simpplr. 

Take this opportunity to upgrade to our #1 intranet platform … and get so much more. Simpplr stands apart as an industry-leading employee communications and experience platform that delivers features you crave, built by a company with an unwavering commitment to EX. We’re #1 in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Intranet Packaged Solutions™, rank the highest in five out of six use cases in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities report, and are consistently recognized as a Leader by Forrester. And our customers trust us.

Our AI-powered employee communications and experience platform is purpose-built to connect, enable, and serve your employees at scale — yet delivered with a human touch.

3 more reasons to migrate from Workplace to Simpplr

  1. Demand a new kind of employee communications and experience solution. Workplace dynamics are rapidly evolving, and you need comprehensive, unified digital workplace technology that evolves at the speed of business.
  2. Experience effortless migration. Moving is never easy, and failed deployments are a top reason that intranets fail — we provide effortless guided migrations and have a track record of zero failed deployments.
  3. Future-proof your investment. It’s a risk to make the Workplace migration to a provider that might not prioritize EX tech innovation long-term — that’s our core focus now and in the future.

And you can start for free!

1. Demand a new kind of employee communications and experience solution

EX continues to evolve, with employee expectations — and the demands on organizations to meet them — soaring. Yet legacy intranets are siloed, struggle to scale, and fail to adequately serve employees’ individualized needs.

It’s time for a new breed of EX platform. We are easy for end users and administrators alike, resulting in intranets that people love to use (74% monthly active users) and love to manage (3x faster to operate than other intranet solutions).

A complete solution

Too many employees find themselves juggling multiple tools and logins just to navigate the workplace. The result? Frustration, fractured attention, shackled productivity and increased security risks.

  • The constant distraction of context switching between apps lowers productivity and raises stress levels, making employees less effective overall.
  • The absence of a single source of truth creates confusion and frustration when employees struggle to locate the right information across disjointed systems.
  • Too many communication channels makes it tough to hear the signals through the noise.
  • A poor user experience — including noise, difficult-to-use interfaces, stale content, slow-loading applications and confusing workflows — contribute to low adoption and usage.
  • More employee logins introduce additional complexities that make it harder to maintain robust security measures, increasing the overall security risk for the organization.

Simpplr: Unified, intuitive platform for everything employees need — all in one place

“We said goodbye to an outdated intranet and organization-wide emails and said hello to a more curated, centralized, and social intranet for all our latest news, information, events and more. We went from zero metrics to over 96% of team members visiting the Cube within the first few weeks of launching and that number has held steady every month to date.” ~ Natalie Geley, Manager of Digital Media at OPTrust

Like Workplace by Meta, we have robust social features to drive engagement, community and culture. But we’re much more than “Facebook for work.” We’ve built our Simpplr One™ platform to streamline employee communication, engagement, collaboration, knowledge management, surveys, feedback, recognition, service delivery, advance analytics and more.

  • Create a unified digital HQ where all employees — from the back office to the frontline — can connect and get everything they need to be successful.
  • Coordinate communications at scale with audience targeting, campaigns, writing assistance, language translation, automated content moderation and more.
  • Extend your communications and engagement strategy via mobile app, newsletters and digital signage.
  • Drive collaboration, knowledge management, search, feedback, recognition, service management and more — all from the same platform.
  • Set up no-code integrations in minutes to thread together your most valuable HR, communication, productivity and knowledge management tools. Plus, add workflows or extend Simpplr to other systems with APIs and SDKs.
  • Uncover real-time, actionable intelligence with out-of-the-box analytics that analyzes employee sentiment, engagement, and behavioral signals to enable action.

These unified capabilities have helped to elevate EX and productivity for Simpplr customers like UKG, which exceeded intranet engagement (+15%) and usage (+7%) benchmarks after implementing Simpplr. “Our intranet, UKG Today, brings simplicity to our employees through ease of use, tailored content, exemplary user support, and a design that’s beautiful and uncomplicated,” said Lead Communications Specialist Cheryl Alto. And each of the nearly 346,000 searches conducted on UKG Today in 2023 represent “time saved for employees, helping them find the content, people, and resources they need to be more productive and have greater impact.”

AI purpose-built across the platform for personalized delivery

“While AI is still emerging for many IPS competitors, Simpplr offers fully functional and integrated AI applied to a wide range of functions.” ~ 2023 Gartner® Critical Capabilities for Intranet Packaged Solutions report

We responsibly leverage advanced AI to personalize every employee’s experience, ensuring only the most relevant information reaches them at the right time. No wonder Gartner highlights high-end user adoption — across both office and frontline worker use cases — as one of our core strengths.

Simpplr ranked highest in 5 of 6 use cases in the 2023 Gartner® Critical Capabilities for Intranet Packaged Solutions (IPS) report. Product/service scores for each use case were generated by multiplying the use-case weightings by the product/service ratings. Source: Gartner – December 2023

Let your employees focus on what matters, not the constant scroll.

TriNet modernized their intranet with Simpplr to increase employee engagement and streamline internal information-sharing, reducing inbox overload for the company’s 2,700+ employees. “Prior to adopting Simpplr as the news and information platform for our company intranet, TriNet relied primarily on email to deliver company-wide communications to our colleagues. With so many emails, it was too easy for some critical information to get lost in the noise,” said Ira Gottlieb, Divisional Vice President, Corporate Communications. “Leveraging ‘The Source’ has enabled us to focus mass distribution emails on those which are a top priority or urgent, which helps our colleagues focus on the information they need most. TriNet colleagues know that spending just five minutes a day on The Source enables them to get company news and information in one, convenient place.”

Simpplr’s AI-powered EX platform enables you to:

  • Tailor content and new-hire onboarding experiences to each individual with AI-powered adaptive personalization.
  • Target communications by role, location and preferences — and turn on auto-translate to reach every member of your global workforce.
  • Help employees quickly find what they need with AI-powered Enterprise Search that delivers personalized results across your apps, fast.
  • Resolve employee issues and answer their questions in an instant with an AI Assistant built for EX.

Since switching to Simpplr from their legacy intranet, Credit Acceptance has seen a 30% increase in intranet usage and notable jump in engagement among the company’s more than 3,000 employees, said Web Content Specialist Krystal Barrad. “The way we have been able to use Simpplr’s intranet to recognize team members and support our communications strategy has had a huge impact on the Fortune & Great Place to Work Trust Index Survey and our position on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list!”

Enterprise-ready and built to scale

From startups to sprawling enterprises, your EX platform should grow with you. And the bigger you get, the more challenging it becomes to ensure information flows smoothly across the organization and employees in different time zones have what they need, when they need it.

Simpplr: Built to handle any size organization, with the flexibility to adapt as your needs change

Our cloud-based platform is designed for limitless and secure scaling, enabling us to stay ahead of our customers’ evolving needs. Our architecture allows us to easily add web and application servers, in addition to more database servers, to accommodate more users. That means if your organization is in hypergrowth, you won’t have to replace your data infrastructure every few years just to keep up with demand. We’re equipped to support your growth, so there’s no downtime as you continue to add more users to your intranet.

  • Robust administrative controls to streamline user management, permissions, content management, customizations and more — without requiring code.
  • Industry’s first Auto-Governance Engine™ to keep your intranet fresh and trustworthy without taking on administrative burden.
  • AI-powered advanced analytics to give you clear and consolidated insights into what’s driving EX and intranet adoption.
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance including certifications for SOC 2 Type 2, SOC 3, ISO 27001 — and we’re TRUSTe verified.
  • Best-in-class implementation services and customer support to get users up and running quickly, drive adoption, and accelerate time to value … more on that below!

Serious power, simple interface

Intranet administration shouldn’t be a full-time job. Simpplr offers the power you need without added complexity. Our intuitive design makes switching from your familiar platform a breeze, while our purpose-built AI automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

You can focus on what really matters: streamlining communication and creating an amazing employee experience.
  • Configure workflows, user permissions, and access controls all through a simple, no-code interface.
  • Leverage generative AI and our library of pre-designed templates to help you produce and share news and announcements to the right people.
  • Use pre-built tiles for common functionalities like embedding videos, adding forms, integrating calendars, and more.
  • Turn on automated governance features to keep your content fresh and friendly without breaking a sweat.
  • Unify your platform with 200+ integrations into external SaaS tools like ticketing systems, messaging platforms and file storage apps — all without code.

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2. Experience effortless migration

Implementing a new platform can be stressful for admins and employees and disrupt the flow of business. The complexity of traditional intranet implementations can lead to extended timelines, resource drains, and potential disruptions to ongoing operations.

Studies show that 44% of IT projects experience cost overruns and delays. Zipdo found that a mere 16% of software projects are completed on time and within budget. In fact, Simpplr research has found that delayed deployments are a top reason that intranets fail. It takes a staggering 25 months on average for organizations to build and deploy an intranet, according to research by Nielsen Norman.

The volume-and-relevance challenge

Think of it like this: Migrating your intranet is like moving to a new house. If you’ve lived there a long time, you’ve probably got a lot of stuff — and the decision about what matters enough to move and what’s just been collecting dust in the attic can be daunting. Like a home, the more content you’ve collected in your intranet, the greater the challenge when it comes time to move it. This is the volume challenge.

Likewise, if you’re moving from a one-room cabin with the bare essentials to a spacious penthouse brimming with smart devices, you want to ensure you’re making the best use that new space has to offer. This is the relevance challenge.

Migration is not just about moving content from one system to another — it’s about strategizing what your content can be and what you can do with it now that you have the space and technology to match your vision for an extraordinary employee experience.

Simpplr: Faster, easier migration with zero-failed implementations

“I could not have asked for a better implementation team. … They helped to make a very complex use case manageable, especially in the timeframe we wanted to go live by. … Simpplr absolutely met the original timeframe and budget. ” ~ Jen Bare, Director of Corporate Communications at Sammons Enterprises

Using Simpplr’s expert-guided tools and support, it’s easier to move and transform stale, one-dimensional content into content that engages your employees no matter where or how they work. Our road-tested migration framework helps you get your new EX platform up and running in weeks, not months, and ensures all your content finds the right home.

We provide effortless guided migration and fast deployment so your employees never have to miss a beat.
  • 3-week implementation framework from requirements and content planning to launch
  • Pre-populated template sites to quickly get your new intranet built and launched
  • Dedicated advisory and technical support to optimize platform and content strategy and ensure efficient and secure data migration
  • Robust, on-demand user training and support to quickly drive engagement on your Simpplr platform

Our implementation team has helped more than 1,000 customers launch with ZERO failed deployments on our record. And we’ve lined up 11 best-in-class service partners across North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America who are ready to support with advisory, implementation and more.

Our customers truly love us, earning us a 95% customer retention rate and an average customer satisfaction score (CSAT) that beats the industry standard by nearly 10 points.

Migrating to Simpplr from their outdated and hard-to-use legacy intranet helped CrowdStrike overcome communication and cultural challenges as the company grew. “Simpplr is easy to use, deploys quickly, and requires minimal training — making the intranet platform a necessity in the digital workplace,” said Chris Lewis, Senior Manager — Applications.“The technology has saved the organization time, money, and helped decrease CrowdStrike’s IT tickets.”

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3. Future-proof your investment

At Simpplr, we’re committed to being your long-term partner. Unlike some providers, we’re built for the future — constantly innovating and with the resources to ensure a reliable platform you can count on.

Meta has recommended Zoom’s Workvivo as their official alternative — but that’s a significant risk. Like what Workplace was to Meta, Workvivo is just a fraction of Zoom’s overall business. So it’s understandable that you might have concerns about their long-term commitment and focus on intranets if you need to make a Workplace migration. Learn more about Simpplr vs. Workvivo.

EX is our core, not an afterthought

For over 10 years, we’ve been laser-focused on crafting the ultimate employee experience platform. As our CEO, Dhiraj Sharma, put it so well: “Our deep investment in R&D, commitment to seamless and personalized employee experiences, and exceptional customer support fuel our mission to keep revolutionizing how employees engage and succeed in an increasingly complex work environment.”

Your success is our mission.

Innovation is in our DNA

We are a venture-backed company with the resources and commitment to invest heavily in research and development. The prestigious 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Intranet Packaged Solutions awarded us top marks for both Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute, and lauded our ability to incorporate technology innovation in a way that is both quick and meaningful.

Our customers trust us

We are proud to partner with leading organizations across diverse industries and geographies, with zero failed deployments under our belt. Check out what some of our Intranet Superstars customer contest winners have to say about how their intranets powered by Simpplr have elevated employee engagement, streamlined communications, strengthened company culture and more!

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Ready to upgrade to the #1 intranet platform? Start for free!

Switching from a familiar and established platform can be challenging, but we can make it easier. And to make your Workplace migration to Simpplr even more seamless and stress-free, get six months of complimentary service when you make the switch by October 31, 2024.

“We’re here for the long haul and ready to serve you,” said Don Wight, Simpplr’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We created this new program to ease the burden of migration because we know that once you’ve implemented Simpplr, you won’t look back.”

To get started:

  • Get in touch with our sales team.
  • Check out a short demo.
  • Let us know if you work with a Workplace partner, and tell us if you’re a Workplace for Good customer.

Learn more about our Meta Workplace to Simpplr Migration Program — and let’s start building your perfect EX solution today!

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