How a modern intranet UI design improves EX and CX, and delivers ROI

By Samantha Hird
An intranet user interface (UI) goes well beyond improving employee experience. How? Let's explore the ROI of leveling up your intranet's UI. 

Create a workplace where employees can be their best selves

Employees need room to grow, create, and collaborate. Giving your team the ability to personalize their intranet UI allows them to streamline their workflow, and provides space for them to come up with new ideas and inspiration. That’s where a well-designed intranet comes in. When employees don’t have to wrestle with the technology they need to do their jobs, they have more time to be creative, more space to innovate, and feel a deeper sense of satisfaction at work. Stress is a killer of both creativity and productivity, so organizations need to ensure their employees have the best environments—both online and in real life—they can possibly provide

More than 40% of employees feel stressed at work. So why compound that stress with a confusing intranet UI? In fact, Statista found that in the US alone, companies lose 480.26 billion dollars every year just because of password fatigue. Such a simple thing causes so much frustration, so imagine how much stress goes up when employees can’t find the documents, workflows, or basic information they need once they finally access the system. No wonder employees consider the ease of using their work systems when deciding whether to work for a company, or to stay there once they’re onboard. 

Intuitive technology helps boost employee retention rates

Intranets that provide intuitive intranet technology experience greater adoption, engagement, and workplace collaboration across the workforce. The McKinsey State of Customer Care Report shared that CX leaders’ top priority over the next 12 to 24 months is to retain and develop the best people. And when companies hire new employees, they should be able to depend on the intranet to shorten the time it takes new employees to reach full productivity. And that productivity hinges on employee engagement

The more intuitive your intranet is, the faster everything goes – from onboarding to advanced training. When employees are confused by their own technology, they’re less productive than they could otherwise be—and also a lot less likely to stick around.

Confused female employee scratching her head

When it comes down to it, your EX should be enjoyable – and that enjoyment will spill over into customer interactions, which is always a great thing for your bottom line.

Enjoyable engagement is contagious

The engaged employee uses a UI that goes beyond finding what they need. They have simplified interactions that align with experiences they’re having elsewhere online. A modern intranet creates the simplicity employees need, and it and drives engagement with communications across platforms, further strengthening company culture. This also unifies teams around your organization’s purpose, promotes employee interaction with content,, and improves employee collaboration And that sense of unity creates a positive work environment that bleeds into customer interactions. 

In their report on Creating Value Through Transforming Customer Journeys, McKinsey found that customers are quick to shift loyalties if they’re unhappy with experiences. McKinseyy also found that CX is very closely aligned with EX. That personal interaction between customer and employee, or lack thereof, is the most important indicator of all. 

That’s why you may lose more than just an employee if you’re neglecting your EX. You could lose customers, too. 

Avoid lost opportunities

Employees rely less on your intranet, and on your engagement with them, when they’re unsure if the information is up to date and accurate. Or if they are finding multiple truths in various locations that they need to burrow to find. 

Your intranet should be equipped with AI that automatically monitors, surfaces, and unpublishes stale intranet content, while providing an easy path to relevant, fresh content. This establishes trust with your team––and it’s a sense of trust and confidence that your team then passes along to your customers. 

But transforming the employee experience requires a level of speed and precision that traditional intranets can’t handle. Most traditional IT-built intranets take more than a year to create and come with steep learning curves. And this rate of change isn’t feasible in this fast-paced technology-centric world we live in.

The fact is this: An intranet that’s easy to use increases employee engagement. And according to a recent Gallup report on the State of the Global Workplace, only 21% of the workforce is typically engaged. The losses companies face due to disengaged employees is as much as $7.5B.

When you’re ready to reclaim these avoidable losses, reach out for a demo. We’ll help you create an employee experience that inspires trust, confidence and future sales––improving your EX, CX and ultimately, your ROI.

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