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Customer Success Experience

We are customer-obsessed

From onboarding to continuous optimization, the Simpplr Customer Success team partners with you to drive employee adoption and ensure you get the most out of our AI-powered employee experience platform, from launch and beyond.



Rely on us for the right outcomes

Our customer success managers work as your champions, motivated to help you reach your goals and business outcomes. 

They help you track progress, offer recommendations, and develop and expand your use cases to drive compelling results. We don’t just settle at go-live; we continuously strive to bring more strategic value.



Stay at the forefront with innovation

Simpplr relentlessly innovates based on ongoing customer feedback. These are more than fine words; this is one of our core values.

To make sure our vision aligns with evolving customer and market demands, we take guidance from our Customer Advisory Board. We also listen to you through our customer feedback loop, which is materialized in our quarterly releases.



Take advantage of industry-leading support

Simpplr offers best-in-class product support with a guaranteed commitment to your company’s success, including live support, access to our on-demand knowledge portal, learning events, upgrade liaison services, and more.



Join our community and get resources on demand

Powered by Simpplr Research, our obsession with industry-led innovation is balanced with data-driven results, helping customers solve complex workplace problems. 

Hosted in our knowledge center, we regularly hold educational webinars, industry best practices, and community events, and share the latest innovations. Get continuous insights that’ll help you become an expert in no time.

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