Ivanti successfully merges four companies to develop the new employee experience

"The Simpplr platform has really helped improve the employee experience at Ivanti and become vital in our company strategy to unite the company under ‘One Ivanti’"

Stephanie Briggs

Director of Employee Experience Marketing


Get to know Ivanti


Ivanti, an IT software company headquartered in South Jordan, Utah, wants to make the “Everywhere Workplace” possible for all organizations and employees. With so many devices in a company’s purview, it is necessary to discover and inventory those devices on its network. Ivanti’s technological solutions enable everyone to accomplish that remotely.


Merger of four organizations with separate systems and processes


In 2021, Ivanti simultaneously acquired four different companies that all had separate cultures, processes, and systems. With over 3,000 remote employees across 28 different countries, Ivanti needed an internal communications platform that could help combine and engage their entire workforce as one, and ensure that all employees have the most up-to-date, relevant information. Ivanti also realized that they had an outdated intranet that was difficult to update, which eventually became a graveyard of content. In an employee survey, they discovered that only about 1% of their workforce were getting their content from their intranet system, and most of them were relying on email and direct updates from their managers.


Look what is achieved


Launched intranet in 8 weeks


Adoption rate


3,000 fully remote employees connected


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