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Unsnarl your digital employee experience

Competing priorities, dozens of applications, and scattered communications. That’s the life of today’s worker—whether hybrid, in-person, or remote. Simpplr helps you make sense of your digital workplace and communicate with clarity.


Unify the digital workplace

Give people a cohesive environment that combines easy access to every digital workplace application with company news, socialization, resources, and more.

Achieve total alignment

Deliver targeted communications across every channel and device, with detailed analytics that capture reach, comprehension, and sentiment for key messaging.

Eliminate classic time sinks

If you’ve ever spent half a day searching for that one PDF, you know the pain. Keep important resources at hand, unifying access to content repositories and knowledge bases, using Smart Search.

Key capabilities

See how Simpplr helps companies boost employee productivity:

  • Multi-channel communications

    Reach employees across a range of channels and devices, including intranet, enhanced newsletters, push notifications, and SMS.
  • Auto-Governance Engine™

    Ensure that the resources people use are up-to-date, with automation that surfaces stale content and nudges authors and admins to update or suppress it.
  • Reach and comprehension validation

    Make content “must-read” and track readership. Prompt feedback with frictionless surveys that assess sentiment and comprehension around critical messaging. 
  • Smart Search

    Provide a single point of access for all file repositories and knowledge base content, with sophisticated search technology that learns from user behaviors and delivers the most relevant results. 
  • Easy collaboration

    Make it easy for everyone to find colleagues with specific roles and skills by using the people directory and org chart. Ingest role and department data directly from your HRIS, along with crowdsourced employee profile data. 
  • App launchpad

    Integrate all your applications for quick, authenticated access within your intranet, creating an easy starting point for digital workplace interactions. 

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