Accelerate employee engagement with video: Tips, tricks and best practices


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Video brings words to life. In the last 15 years, we’ve seen the greatest evolution in how videos are made to illustrate a story, a message, and a culture. And for many organizations, video is still an ancillary channel for amplifying the employee experience. It’s time to move it to the next level.

And that next level doesn’t have to mean spending your budget on production crews and fancy equipment. It starts with an idea, some creativity, an iPhone — and a place to put your creation.

Join us as we discuss with Carolyn Clark, Simpplr’s VP of EX Strategy & Transformation, and Aileen Choe, the Enterprise Application Administrator at Flexcare Medical Staffing, the benefits of utilizing video for increasing employee engagement.

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  • Flexcare’s remarkable success with Simpplr’s Native Video (650% increase in views compared to a previous platform)
  • Ideas and tips for bringing messages to life through video
  • Simpplr’s Native Video functionality and analytics
  • Best practices to increase employee engagement and happiness

About Presenters


Carolyn Clark

Vice President, Employee Experience Strategy & Transformation, Simpplr

Carolyn Clark is the Vice President of Employee Experience Strategy & Transformation of Simpplr, an employee experience platform. A seasoned leader, with deep roots in employee communications and employee experience, Carolyn joined to help Simpplr elevate the employee experience by driving innovation and reimagining how employee communication is delivered in today’s world.

Throughout her career, Clark has intentionally diversified her experience to all facets of communication. From producing broadcast news to consumer and product public relations, media relations and corporate communication. Before joining Simpplr, Clark led internal and HR communication at major tech companies including Yahoo, Oath (Verizon Media), Pandora, GoDaddy, and Opendoor. Clark has led countless transitions, navigated more crises than she can count, and shepherded thousands of employees through complex acquisitions and integrations. She has a passion for navigating difficult situations and an ability to drive employee experience strategy through complicated corporate issues.

Clark lives in North Carolina with her husband and energetic 8-year-old daughter.


Aileen Choe

Enterprise Application Administrator at FlexCare Medical Staffing

Guest Speaker Aileen Choe is an Enterprise Application Administrator at FlexCare Medical Staffing. She manages platforms that encourage collaboration among internal employees, one of which is FlexNet (the name of Simpplr’s intranet at FlexCare). As an App Manager, she answers business user’s questions about the intranet while also communicating any Salesforce related issues to the Salesforce Admins on standby. Work aside, she’s a foodie and, yes, she does take photos of her food first.


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