Reimagining the Employee Experience Webinar

2023 employee experience webinar by Simpplr

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Webinar Details

Discover the power of a positive employee experience (EX) and unlock better engagement and retention rates for your organization. Companies with positive EX see 16x higher employee engagement and 8x higher retention rates, making it a top priority for businesses to focus on.

As the EX landscape continues to evolve, it’s no longer just about providing access to information and resources throughout the day, but rather taking a human-centric approach that considers all stages of the employee journey. To succeed, organizations need to focus on:

  • Developing a sense of belonging and connectedness for all employees
  • Gathering real-time feedback and employee sentiment to react and adjust course as needed
  • Aligning and personalizing the EX for all employees from management to the frontline
  • Exploring how to uncover your EX pain points and opportunities

Join employee experience experts, Miriam Connaughton and Mike Baglietto, in this employee experience webinar as they deep dive into the trends that have transformed the expectations of employee experience and key elements in reimagining your employee experience strategy.

About the Presenters

Mike Baglietto

Mike Baglietto

Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Simpplr

Mike is a creative marketing professional with 15+ years’ experience developing marketing strategies, campaigns and content for addressing the needs of targeted audiences. His experience spans from product management and product marketing to demand generation and social media.

Employee experience webinar: host Miriam Connaughton

Miriam Connaughton

EX Strategist 

Miriam operates at the intersection of human and digital experience in the workplace. For three decades she has worked with organizations to develop people strategies to solve complex challenges, to shape their employee experience, and figure out how to adapt to the ever-changing world of work. Miriam works across a range of industries, with start-ups to Fortune 100 organizations.


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