Transforming the digital work experience in 2023: Tips and Tricks


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How to transform the digital work experience for 2023

The work experience has continued to evolve and change over the past few years, creating a new digital work environment. So how can we apply all the learnings from recent years to keep up with the new future of work?

Join Simpplr’s Aline Mello, Sr. Employee Experience Specialist, and Julie Miller, Sr. Employee Communications Specialist, as they share their tips and tricks for innovating the digital work experience in 2023.

In this interactive discussion you will learn:

  • How to improve employee productivity, culture, and wellbeing in a digital workplace
  • Recommendations to ramp up the employee experience
  • What internal communications should and should not be doing in 2023

About Presenters


Aline Mello

Sr. Employee Experience Specialist, Simpplr

Aline is an Organizational Psychologist whose quest is to help people find fulfillment in their work. She combines a natural touch in perceiving human behavior, hands-on experience in program management and OD functions, and her love for translating data into insights to build programs that impact the work experience of hundreds of people. Aline builds and manages Employee Experience programs at Simpplr including onboarding for new hires, global recognition, and mentorship.


Julie Miller

Sr. Internal Communications Specialist, Simpplr

Julie is a natural brainstormer and communicator, with a flair for diagnosis. An analytical problem solver, skilled operator, and expert influencer that is constantly reframing the problem to design elegant, intuitive solutions. Julie leads Simpplr’s internal communications initiatives, and works closely with executives and employees to ensure streamlined and effective communications and process across the organization.


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