The Impact of a Digital Workplace: 5 Company Benefits

By Simpplr Marketing

In recent years, digital workplaces have become more common in virtually all industries. Beyond being common and providing many benefits, though, they’ve also become incredibly important and critical to the success of a company.

In addition to improving the employee experience and expanding the digital culture, digital workplaces are advancing productivity and making it easier for businesses to grow.

Here are five outstanding benefits of digital workplace adoption:

1. Revenue Growth

Adopting a digital workplace can have a dramatic positive impact on your company’s revenue streams. Because digital workplaces save teams time and make education and training more efficient, thereby reducing the amount you spend on wages and training materials, they can go a long way to help your brand pull more profits.

For a real-life example, consider Experian. Experian is the world’s largest consumer credit report agency and has recently used the perks of the digital workplace to expand its operations and become more efficient.

In recent years, higher-ups at Experian have used the model of a digital workplace to gain a better understanding of their customers, make accessing information easier and safer, and build products based on true consumer demand.

This digital transformation is part of the reason Experian has enjoyed 6% revenue growth and 5% organic growth over the last fiscal year.

2. Increased Interaction

For companies who thrive on subscribers, adopting a digital workplace can be invaluable. For an example, consider News Corp.

News Corp is a global media organization that has become, in recent years, as good an example of digital adoption as any. While News Corp used to operate on a primarily non-digital scale, it recently split into two entities, both of which have used technology to their advantage.

This digital adoption has allowed News Corp to post encouraging digital results in recent years, even going so far as to grow digital subscriber numbers to the Wall Street Journal double-digits in the last year.

3. Increased Efficiency

Adopting a digital workplace goes a long way toward helping companies become more efficient. By streamlining operations and removing standard roadblocks, digital workplaces help teams operate at peak capacity.

This, in turn, frees up more manpower for new initiatives and makes it possible for businesses to grow more rapidly than ever before.

The Benefits of a Digital Workplace

4. Enhanced Employee Engagement

One of the biggest perks of a digital workplace is increased employee engagement.

Because digital workplaces allow employees to take advantage of self-guided learning, incentivized operations, and gamified training and achievement platforms, it can easily lead to a workforce that cares more deeply about daily operations, and which strives for success.

5. Better Service

Digital workplaces embrace essential techniques like collaboration, analytics, self-service education, and legacy and mobile apps – all of which make it easier to provide outstanding services to customers.

Salesforce is one brand that’s excelled in this area. In addition to offering better service, Salesforce has also dominated the worlds of CRM, scale, integration, and mobile.

The Future is Digital

While Salesforce, News Corp, and Experian are all very different businesses, each has something important to teach about the essential nature of the digital workplace, and how adopting it can help modern brands succeed.

By following suit and focusing on the adoption of things like employee technology, collaborative software, and self-service learning, it’s easy to transform your business from one that’s stuck in the stone age to one that’s ready to pivot and take a new direction at a moment’s notice.

In addition to boosting productivity and engagement, however, the adoption of a digital workplace also makes it easy to improve revenues and increase employee productivity across the board.

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