What is Auto-Governance Engine? And why does it matter?

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Earlier this week, Simpplr launched the intranet industry’s first Auto-Governance Engine™. If you haven’t heard of it, check out the 1-min demo below to get an idea of what Simpplr’s Auto-Governance Engine achieves.

Why Auto-Governance Engine?

The Auto-Governance Engine is near and dear to Simpplr Research and was conceived from the R&D for the last couple of years. Based on Simpplr’s Why Intranets Fail research, we found a common theme that eventually led to intranet failure. Simpplr Research found that intranets were failing all too frequently when stale and outdated content inundates the intranet. And this is regardless of which intranet software is used. In other words, intranets become content dumping grounds – or junk drawers. The Auto-Governance Engine is purposely built to combat just that. Here is an open letter from our CEO, Dhiraj Sharma on how Simpplr’s Auto-Governance Engine is changing the intranet industry.

What does the Auto-Governance Engine do?

With the help of AI, the Auto-Governance Engine works to prevent old and outdated intranet content from surfacing the intranet. The Engine checks for content redundancies, monitors usage, incorporates search data, and allows content authors to control the publishing lifecycle for each piece of content via content governing policies. The Engine works in a concerted effort so that you never see stale intranet content again. 

The Engine is made up of features that work in unison to continually monitor and audit content that eventually expires or becomes irrelevant. Here are just a few things the Auto-Governance Engine can do:

  1. Automatically archives outdated content
  2. Alert authors and site managers to act and review expiring content
  3. Deactivates unuseful sites
  4. Keeps track of content audit logs
  5. Surfaces only the most relevant content while it deprioritizes expiring and outdated content

You can find out more about the Auto-Governance Engine here.

Auto-Governance - Simpplr intranet site engagement analytics

How the Auto-Governance Engine helps you

We saw in our “Why Intranets Fail” research that many intranets become content dumping grounds. Partially because organizations rarely have the discipline and resources to continuously keep their content up-to-date. If your organization has a single resource dedicated to monitoring and auditing content, that’s wonderful! But most of us aren’t lucky enough to have that. Simpplr’s Auto-Governance Engine bridges this gap and enables the internal communication and intranet teams to focus on what’s important: engaging your employees. With this Engine put in place, teams can save a tremendous amount of time and are finally able to keep the intranet as a trusted and reliable source of information for employees.

Pedal to the metal… to intranet success

We’ve seen improved and rebuilt intranet features, but none have specifically addressed the root causes of intranet failure. Intranets can have the latest and greatest technology features, but if the features don’t resolve the root causes of failure, the intranet will eventually fail.

There are many reasons intranets fail, and we know the Auto-Governance Engine isn’t a panacea for all failing intranets. But our goals are to:

  1. Stop the intranet from becoming a junk drawer
  2. Map the intranet to only what’s useful to your organization
  3. Create a system that your employees trust

Ultimately, Simpplr designed and built this Engine to prevent one of the top reasons for intranet failure. Imagine if you never again stumble on a piece of outdated content. What would you do with that free time?

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