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Intranet managers need robust analytics to assess intranet health and make smart decisions.

Simpplr’s analytics help you measure intranet performance and gain insight at both the macro and micro level. For example, you’ll understand how intranet content is accessed across the entire platform, so you know how to improve engagement. Our powerful intranet dashboards and analytics also help you uncover what content is or isn’t working, enabling you to take the appropriate steps for improvement. We’ve built Simpplr so that Simpplr’s analytics are segmented for (1) app administrators and (2) site managers.

App administrator analytics

Simpplr Intranet Analytics Dashboard Overview

The app administrator gets a holistic view of the organization’s intranet performance. Simpplr’s app administrator analytics overview enables you to track adoption, content, engagement, sites, social campaigns, newsletters, and searches.

Intranet app administrators analytics help you:

Monitor the overall health of your intranet with the Dashboard Overview

In effect, the dashboard overview analytics align the intranet metrics that are critical to the health of your performance and engagement. The Dashboard Overview reports the number of users logged in at least once, the average logins per user, adoption rate and trends, published content breakdown, the overall number of sites, number of social campaigns, newsletters, and search trends.

Get an understanding of your holistic adoption across the enterprise

Simpplr’s adoption reporting helps you understand how well your intranet platform is accepted and used by new users of your organization. Adoption analytics drill down into the adoption trend (over a specific period of time), adoption rate, most vs. least logins by department, and more.

Simpplr Intranet Engagement Analytics

Track user behavior and measure engagement

Simpplr’s engagement analytics dashboard provides you with a high-level overview of total actions by users who engage with your intranet’s content and feed. You’ll see engagement metrics such as total likes, posts, replies, shares, and favorites. The dashboard also provides engagement insights such as which department, geographic location, and location are the most involved.

Intranet Feature Content Analytics Drill Down

Drill down into site details to learn what’s working and what’s not

Sites analytics gives you an overview of the aggregated performance of your sites. Sites are a way to organize and structure information by location, department, special projects, or specific affinity. You’ll know the total number of sites with breakdowns into the most popular sites, and least popular sites. The Site Analytics dashboard also provides a deactivation option for those sites with the lowest activity so you prevent your intranet from becoming a content dumping ground.

Understand and measure the impact of your intranet content

The intranet content analytics dashboard provides a summary of the overall content to give you useful insight into what moves your organization. Simpplr’s content analytics structure your content data and helps you know which content is most popular, which content is least popular, and the current content items published. You’ll also discover which department or locations consume the most (and least) content.

Intranet People Analytics

Leverage your most engaged users to become content authors

Simpplr’s people analytics drill down into content interaction, giving you a micro-level view of the most active and engaged users in your organization. Learn which users publish the most content, which users engage (“like” or “favorite”) the most pieces of content, and which users are the most proactive in replies.

Deep dive into how employees use the intelligent search capability

The search analytics provides insight into how your intranet’s intelligent search function is used and how your different groups are interacting with search. Find out which terms are being searched the most, search usage trend, top search terms with no results, and most searches performed by department, geographic location, and office location.

Site Manager Analytics

Intranet Sites Analytics

Site managers have access to a specific subset of the analytics, pertinent to the site he or she manages.

Optimize the site manager’s content creation process

For site managers, it’s crucial for them to know what types of content are the most useful and engaging for the rest of the organization. Likewise, it is just as important for site managers to understand which content and what types of content are least engaging so they could take appropriate actions to archive old, stale content. Site analytics include the total published content items, total content views, least viewed content, top 10 most popular content, and site engagement overview metrics such as likes, posts, replies, shares, and favorites.

Equip your team with intranet analytics to connect, engage, and align your organization

We’ve designed our prescriptive analytics to help organizations increase productivity, user adoption, and user engagement. As outlined above, It’s important to us that the right reporting is in the hands of the right people. The app administrator is equipped with macro-level analytics to gauge the overall health of the intranet, whereas the site manager gets a micro-level analytics that enables the manager to take immediate actions to improve overall site performance.

We’ve purposely-built Simpplr’s analytics to:

  1. Keep your intranet’s content fresh and engaging with quantitative reporting
  2. Distribute federated accountability
  3. Establish benchmarks in order to continuously improve

To learn how Simpplr can connect, engage and align your organization, view Simpplr’s 3 min demo.

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