Analyst Research by GigaOm on how ‘Simpplr has shaped an Intranet for Our Time’

By Hani Khan

GigaOm analyst, Stowe Boyd, released a report ‘Filling the Spaces Between People’ which examines the disparity in the outcomes of user experience, especially when it comes to intranets. Intranets have been used in business for two decades now and the proliferation of newer communications apps, have made intranets seem obsolete.

According to the GigaOm report, “ Simpplr’s subtleties of its deep design allow users to participate in the activities around communication, coordination, and cooperation that make up so much of the fabric of work, while the machinery underlying Simpplr does not intrude.” 

As organizations deal with a prolonged work from home/remote work transition, the new normal will involve more distributed, decentralized, and discontinuous work. Today’s digital workplaces need modern intranets that are purpose-built for internal communications and address the challenges of employee engagement.

Per the GigaOm report, “Simpplr seems to have the balance right: the right design, the right shape for the space, the right tools to connect all the people who meet there. It’s only more important now and will continue to be, in this uncertain world.”

Get the complimentary report and learn how Simpplr challenges the perception and redefines the modern intranet by:

  • Connecting and engages employees through social capabilities
  • Serving as the hub of company communications, keeping the entire company up-to-date with relevant information
  • Reinventing intranet administration, search, and governance

For more insights on, download a complimentary copy of the GigaOm report and learn how Simpplr has been designed around the needs of the organization

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