Intranet Content Series: Internal comms content guaranteed to pique employee engagement interest

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A big part of internal communications planning involves managing an editorial calendar and keeping engaging content coming. For intranets, content is king! Thus, our Intranet Content Blog Series focuses on several practical content tips organizations can use to keep employees coming back to the intranet.

At Simpplr, we have a love-hate relationship with the lunch menu. We’ve seen too many intranets on the verge of being shut down because the only thing employees valued was the lunch menu. But there is no denying that “content” like this drives engagement. We don’t always admit it, but humans are selfish in nature.

Here are some examples of  internal communication content to pique employee engagement interest:

Food-centric content announcements

Who doesn’t like food? Employees need to eat. When you provide a space in your intranet that updates your employees with what’s on the lunch menu, they’ll check it everyday.

  • Food and lunch menus
  • Snacks in the breakroom
  • Special celebrations

Company perks

Perks are one of the best ways to grab your employees’ attention. In fact, studies have shown that it improves company culture overall.

  • Special (temporary) perks or time-bound events such as:
    • On-site events such as massages (if you’re lucky!) or financial planning seminars
    • Free car washes
    • Vaccinations
  • Ongoing perks
    • Discounted gym membership
    • Restaurant offers
    • Health services such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, etc.

Logistics-based information

Employees should be informed of company logistics that would help them with their day-to-day. Employees don’t have to be told when to check the intranet if it benefits them.

  • Train schedules
  • Office maps and seating charts
  • Company shuttles
  • A buy/sell exchange (like a Craigslist for employees)

Media and entertainment

Any time there is content that elicits laughter and sparks curiosity, there’s no question whether you should plan to put it onto your intranet. Of course, assuming it’s work-appropriate.

  • Photo albums especially from company-sponsored social events and employee engagement activities
  • Employee-generated videos
  • Photo contests (Halloween costume contest)

Employee-centric highlights

Any kind of employee-centric updates should be frequent. It shows that your company cares about your employees, plus you foster culture through employee recognition.

  • Internal job postings
  • Promotions/transfer announcements
  • Work anniversaries
  • Employee spotlights
  • Client shoutouts of employees
  • Coworker shoutouts
  • New hire introductions
  • Employee ‘letters to the editor’
  • Office tours: About “X” office (a look into the aspect of the culture of the country/city one of the offices is in)

Remember to balance me-first content with strategic content!

An intranet that gets used solely because of this type of intranet content is in trouble. But when balanced with the other approaches outlined in this paper, they’re a great way to drive engagement.

Many of the activities outlined here will require partnership with other operations, facilities, and HR functions. So be sure to set up some time with these functions and market your intranet as a resource to improve their respective initiatives. We published a blog, Intranet Content Series: Your CEO Content Calendar Playbook if you’re looking for more ideas on how to balance your “fun” and engaging content with strategic content. 

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