Tips and best practices for showcasing employee benefits on your intranet

Employee Benefits Modern Intranet
Well-being and work-life balance are top priorities for today’s workforce. A competitive employee benefits package is a must for retaining happy, healthy and productive workers. And you’ll need a seamless way to share those benefits — no matter how or where employees work. 

An AI-powered employee experience (EX) platform like Simpplr, which includes a modern intranet, enables organizations to strategically share employee benefits content. Here’s how to use this pivotal EX tool to its fullest potential to showcase benefits.

How to showcase employee benefits content on your intranet

Ready to let your benefits shine? Consider these tips and best practices for creating and sharing employee benefits content via the right intranet. (And if you still need to design an employee handbook to document those benefits, this free template has you covered.)

Create a dedicated space for benefits content

Leveraging a modern intranet is the easiest way to keep your benefits content organized in a centralized knowledge base. Keeping everything in one place saves time for employees, minimizes confusion, reduces the occurrence of frequently asked questions, and makes it easier to update content when benefits change.

Creating a dedicated space on the intranet for all benefits content also paints the full picture of your organization’s employee benefits package.

Tip: Make sure your benefits site is clearly labeled and easily accessed from the intranet’s homepage.

At Sargent & Lundy, the intranet serves as the centralized knowledge hub for benefits and other must-have information. The new-hire onboarding experience kicks off with an interactive scavenger hunt on “The Loop” that includes navigating the platform to find key resources. “The Loop is more than just an intranet; it’s the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career at Sargent & Lundy,” said Brenda Romero, who oversees the company’s Corporate Communications team. “With its engaging onboarding experience, it empowers new hires to hit the ground running and become valuable members of our team.”

Employee benefits - the Loop challenge scavenger hunt checklist

Sargent & Lundy immerse new employees in an interactive onboarding experience on their Simpplr intranet, The Loop, to help them learn how to find benefits and other important information quickly from day one.

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Use different formats to increase employee engagement

One of the best ways to make employee benefits content more engaging is to share it in multiple formats. Communication preferences and learning styles differ — for instance, some people prefer to read while others like to listen or watch — so serving up benefits content in varying formats will help with both content consumption and knowledge retention.

It makes sense that individuals are drawn to videos, photos, illustrations and other graphics because 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Video is particularly powerful.

Employee benefits video content could include:

  • Short tutorials that walk employees through how to sign up for benefits.
  • Sizzle reels that build excitement for specific benefits.
  • Employee testimonials that share how certain benefits have helped them.
  • Animated Q&As that provide answers to frequently asked benefits questions

Simpplr supports Native Video so users can embed videos directly on a dedicated benefits page. Administrators can add videos wherever makes sense and highlight content in other spaces such as the homepage or in newsletters.

Leveraging the Native Video capability within their modern intranet, “The Circuit,” Silicon Labs created a World Tour of all the company’s offices that includes employee perks. “We showcased a Day in the Life video to give everyone company-wide some insights into what our various offices are focused on, how business is conducted there, and what the culture in their office is like, including the various perks,” said Regan Zuege, former communications manager. “It has been HUGELY successful!”

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Personalize employee benefits communication

Benefits packages also tend to offer a variety of options depending on employee needs, location, status, etc. For example, part-time hourly workers will likely have a different package than salaried employees.

With an AI-powered intranet, you can provide each employee with a personalized benefits experience.

Advanced artificial intelligence purpose-built across the platform serves up only the content that’s relevant for the individual, minimizing confusion and helping employees make the most of what is available to them based on their unique circumstances.

Employee benefits - Simpplr intranet AI-driven search results for search 'benefits'

Administrators can also ensure that employees consume important benefits information with Simpplr’s Must Reads and Awareness Check features. “With Simpplr’s platform, features like audience targeting, rich analytics, notifications for must-read content, a master event calendar, sites for every department and photo albums have allowed us to communicate more effectively, while simultaneously creating a much more engaging and positive user experience,” said Stephanie Strigenz, Sr. Corporate Communications Manager at TEAM Marketing.

Employee benefits - Simpplr mobile intranet page on updated travel and expense policy accompanied by mobile notifications regarding travel and expense policy

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Communicate in multiple channels

Modern intranets offer multi-channel communication to reach employees wherever they are. The intranet integrates directly with the communication channels employees use the most, enabling benefits managers to send out information about employee benefits via channels where team members are likely to see it right away.

This provides a level of added convenience for employees.

Within one unified platform, Simpplr’s multi-channel employee communication capabilities ensure communications reach employees at scale across mobile, desktop, chat, email and digital displays. This helps ensure that personalized messages reach the right employees in the right channels at the right time.

This strategy drives high engagement with employee benefits and other important content hosted on IAA’s modern intranet, “Inside IAA.” Internal Communications Manager Laura Marchiafava said a big part of the internal communications strategy is connecting emails back to intranet sites and resources to define Inside IAA as the single source of truth for relevant news and resources. “Simpplr has elevated the way we communicate, engage and connect,” she said.

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Encourage leadership involvement

Want to increase employee engagement with benefits content? Get leaders involved. Gallup found companies with high levels of executive engagement have up to 59% more engaged employees.

A modern intranet makes it easy for leaders to increase awareness about employee benefits and build excitement for them.

Some ways leaders can get involved include:

  • Writing a welcome message to new employees that includes benefits highlights
  • Sharing how a specific benefit has helped them personally
  • Commenting on posts related to benefits

For example, Quantexa’s leadership team starred in a series of videos on the intranet called “Let’s Talk Healthy Habits.” Designed to reinforce the company’s commitment to employee health and wellness while humanizing its leaders, the videos are featured weekly on the homepage. “These sessions humanize our leaders, showing they face challenges just like the rest of us, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing well-being,” said Employee Engagement and Internal Comms Lead Nadia Piracha.

Employee benefits - intranet photo album from virtual leadership health huddle

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Keep the content fresh

While benefits details might not change that frequently, keeping interesting and informative benefits content in front of employees can help with engagement and adoption.

A consistent cadence of benefits communication will keep this retention magnet top of mind for employees and encourage them to take advantage of available offerings.

Test content in different formats to see what resonates the most. And make sure the employee benefits content on the intranet remains up-to-date.

An AI-powered intranet eases this burden on administrators. Simpplr’s Auto-Governance Engine leverages AI to monitor and manage the content on the intranet. It archives outdated content to ensure the latest and most popular posts are front and center. The AI also alerts administrators when it’s time for a content refresh.

Employee benefits - Simpplr intranet announcement regarding open enrollment dates accompanied by notice for reviewing knowledge page

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Make it easy to get help

Questions about employee benefits content are inevitable, and administrators can gain an advantage by implementing tools and processes that streamline how that feedback is collected and answered.

Consider posting FAQs directly on a benefits homepage to help save time and cut down on repeat inquiries. When employees reach out with a question or problem, check back in with them later to make sure the situation has been resolved.

The best employee experience platforms leverage AI to provide virtual assistance.

Simpplr’s AI Assistant helps resolve employee issues and answer their questions in an instant, providing accurate and personalized service in a conversational interface. Using advanced generative AI, it integrates enterprise systems and provides trusted answers, automates service requests, and ensures compliance and privacy — boosting productivity and reducing support costs.

Employee benefits - Simpplr intranet AI-driven virtual assistant

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Collect feedback for continuous improvement

Gathering input from employees regarding current or prospective benefits can help direct future changes to make packages even more beneficial to everyone involved. A strong employee listening strategy is key to this effort.

The best employee experience platforms combine survey, sentiment and engagement data into one place to create actionable insights for people leaders.

Simpplr Surveys capture rich feedback with built-in pulse, engagement and ad hoc surveys, and prompt action on the insights. Powered by AI, the ability to listen across multiple channels gives insights into a broad range of sentiment data gathered throughout the Simpplr platform, including surveys, Sentiment check, Awareness check, and everyday interactions, like comments. For example, the technology can gather data that employees share through their feedback or comments on benefits content throughout the platform.

These insights are then surfaced into dashboards so people leaders can proactively address potential issues, opportunities and trends.

Employee benefits - employee sentiment measurements regarding a company announcement

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Make employee benefits shine on your intranet

With the right technology, you can create and share employee benefits content that helps position your organization as an amazing place to work — a place where employees want to stay.

  • Strategies like personalizing and targeting benefits content will show you value employees as individuals, in addition to ensuring this important information is consumed and understood.
  • Capabilities such as virtual assistance will provide 24/7 support, enhancing employee self-service so HR teams can focus on work that’s more strategic than responding to benefits-related requests.
  • Built-in employee listening tools paired with powerful analytics will provide insights that can drive improvements to your benefits communication strategy.

Simpplr’s AI-powered employee experience platform can do all this and more. Request a demo to see these features in action.

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