5 Takeaways from Strategic Internal Communications Conference hosted by ALI

By Hani Khan

The 7th Annual Strategic Internal Communications Conference hosted by Advanced Learning Institute (#ALIComms) took place in San Francisco, January 28-30 and was full of great speakers and discussions from internal communication professionals. 

Debunking Modern Intranet Myths

Sandi Stretch, our Strategic Communications and Intranet Advisor, presented a session on ‘Debunking Modern Intranet Myths – The top 5 misconceptions people have about their intranet.’ 

If you could not attend, here are a few insights from the session: 

  • Myth: Intranets need intricate site structures and menu hierarchies
    • Reality: People are trained to use search
  • Myth: Mobile communication apps are a good alternative to intranets
    • Reality: Mobile is a channel, not a different solution
  • Myth: Intranets are the company’s single source of truth
    • Reality: It’s an impossible goal. You need to integrate, compromise, and have a purpose.

For more misconceptions people have about their intranet, check out ‘Debunking 5 Intranet Myths’ here.

Here’s 5 takeaways from the Internal Communications Conference (#ALIComms) in Simpplr’s perspective :

  1. Build trust with every conversation: Activate employees by putting them at the center of the process in a way that’s authentic and drives better discovery
  2. Employees love collaborative communication: Transform the way employees communicate through updates, recognition, and problem-solving.
  3. Variety is the spice of comms: There’s information overload from inside and outside the office, use storytelling to cut through the overwhelming amount of messages bombarding employees.
  4. Everyone loves creativity: Communicators need to engage in creative ways to ensure audiences understand what we’re saying
  5. Make work human: A place where contributions are meaningful, learning is valued and everyone belongs.

We had a great time speaking with internal comms professionals at the strategic internal communications conference and being in our hometown of San Francisco made it even better! Simpplr will be all over the nation this year, we’ll see you at some of the Must-Attend Employee Communications Conferences in 2020.

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