Simpplr at Dreamforce 2019

By Hani Khan

Simpplr hosted multiple events yesterday at Palette SF, a food and art destination, only a block away from Dreamforce which was held at Moscone Center. 

Dreamforce is an annual four-day event that occurs in San Francisco which brings the Salesforce community including employees, partners, customers, and executives together. The event gathers attendees to share stories and experiences while discovering the future of technology.

We are Better Together – Customer Panel at Breakfast

Simpplr kicked off the morning with breakfast featuring 3 of our customers on ‘the modern intranet, from content dumping ground to strategic imperative’ panel. As Natalie from Splunk, Diane from FLIR and Tina from Nutanix took center stage, guests were able to get insights on internal intranet programs to see how they can amplify their own programs. 

Some key highlights from the panel:

  • Natalie from Splunk shared a great story on how Splunk was able to pull off an epic April Fools Day joke with an executive using their intranet portal.
  • Metrics and Analytic intranet capabilities incentivize sharing stories, wins and employee stories. 
  • Diane from FLIR shared how the CEO writes a weekly post every Friday containing the week’s wins, lessons and company updates which personalizes the experience for employees. 
  • Intranet is a company culture driver with employees posting volunteer activities, organizations they’re donating to and any company activities to increase employee engagement. 
  • Tina from Nutanix shared that the Intranet has a trust factor with the author posting news directly to the platform. If people have questions, they know who they can go. 

Why Limit Happy to an Hour? 

Cocktails. Whiskey Tasting. Oysters. Art. 

Salesforce Employees joined Simpplr in winding down the day with drinks in the Art Gallery portion of Palette. Customer Success and Account Executives were on hand giving demos and sharing the Simpplr experience. 

An overall great day in San Francisco with Dreamforce attendees, can’t wait for next year!

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