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By Paul Oliver
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Have you missed anything important on the employee experience front lately? We have facts, features, and events of interest to share. There have also been new podcasts, helpful how-to’s, and more. We’re sharing info on things headed your way so you can start planning!

Exciting announcements to share

Our CEO Dhiraj Sharma made our biggest announcement in early May: That Simpplr has secured $70 million in Series D funding, led by Sapphire Ventures with participation from existing investor Norwest Venture Partners. This funding accelerates investment in our AI-powered platform. Broadly speaking, as we wait for the onset of a global talent war, this money will be spent on growing the company workforce, product research, and development. 

Our company understands that a good employee experience is vital to retention, productivity, and engagement. Measuring employee engagement in real-time has never been more important, and we are perfectly positioned to meet this challenge. As always, Simpplr remains laser-focused on delivering the best employee experience ever.

Simpplr Series D Leadership Team

Moving on, we had another exciting announcement recently – the launch of AI-powered Employee Listening. Workforces become more dispersed by the day, making meaningful connections increasingly difficult, and this is where real-time Employee Listening comes in. Simpplr can help drive a positive employee experience by capturing sentiment using a passive and active listening combo, powered by AI. It’s pretty amazing.

Simpplr employee sentiment dashboard

And then more news to share: How thrilled were we to be recognized by Arcadian Ventures and ranked in the Future of Work 100? Everything Simpplr has done to date is focused on a quality employee experience that shifts and adapts in a dynamic landscape. We are delighted to find ourselves listed as a leading startup, building an enduring business for a better, fairer, more meaningful, and more productive workspace. 

The 100 companies on this list come from 16 different countries across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, and span a wide spectrum of categories like collaboration and productivity, payroll and HR, well-being, and others. 

And for those Simpplr team members bringing our values to life daily, it’s great to know that Simpplr’s been ranked by the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley Business Journal as one of Built In’s San Francisco Companies of the Month. We are honored to be recognized among so many top Bay Area organizations as a people-first company, and that goes for our customers too.  

Just as amazing, we’ve earned a Great Place to Work certification in India 2023 – 2024, for the second year in a row. Thanks to a fabulous team and their contributions, Simpplr is recognized for its commitment to creating a positive work environment and an inclusive culture. This certification is based on feedback from current employees who’ve shared information on what it’s like to work for us.

Upcoming events you won’t want to miss

Our Cohesion 2023 Conference happens later this year in San Francisco, October 17 – 19. This is the leading employee experience conference; you’ll not want to miss it. We’ve got some great speakers who’ll be covering areas like strategy, communications, culture, tech, products, and much more. 

Sign-up link for Simpplr's Cohesion 2023 conference

You’ll be able to develop your intranet skills at this conference and learn how to maximize your intranet’s capabilities. There will be sessions on measuring retention, revenue, and productivity, along with one-to-one sessions for your most pressing challenges. 

Here are at least 10 good reasons why you should attend this conference, in the unlikely event that you still need persuading. There are many more details on the website, and be sure not to miss the early bird pricing, expiring on July 15. And even sooner than that, on June 8, there’s a Connect Simpplr event to ‘Elevate Employee Experience’ in Chicago. Check that out as well!

Cohesion podcasts and blogs: Learning from experts

We’ve had some super-valuable podcasts and blogs on the Simpplr website recently, talking to experts in the field of employee communications. Here are the newest ones, in case you haven’t had a chance to listen. 

  • Katherine King, Director of Employee Relations at Etsy spoke to us recently about fostering truth through authentic tone of voice, key business relationships that improve employee communications, and helping leaders develop empathetic messages. You can listen to the podcast here, or read the blog recap on the Simpplr website.
  • Barbara Massa, Simpplr board member, discussed the issues around communicating with respect and empathy in turbulent times, urging companies to be more human, and outlining the importance of thoughtfully aligning internal partnerships. You can listen to the podcast, or read the recap here.
  • We also chatted recently to Pratiksha Patel, Chief People Officer at Branch, to discover her take on inclusivity, upskilling workers, and meeting employees’ expectations. Once again, there’s a podcast and a recap for your listening or reading pleasure!

You can subscribe here to get all the new podcast episodes and pick up tips from experts and Simpplr customers on how to drive employee satisfaction, productivity, and culture. It’s a treasure trove of valuable insight.

We’ve also shared somee helpful how-to’s, tips, and tricks gleaned from our expert teams and colleagues in the last few weeks.

  • Good communication is vital. Whether you have a dedicated internal communication function or not, it’s really important to have an efficient system to disseminate and manage company communications. It’s a win-win, because great communication keeps employees engaged, and engaged employees will keep on giving and receiving great information. If you’re wondering how to get going on your own improvements, here’s a list of valuable tips to improve internal communication.
  • What is your workforce is largely offsite—either frontline or “deskless.” What then? Well,l as most of the world’s workforce performs crucial tasks outside of an office, and it’s time we collectively adapt to these challenges, we decided to help you along. We’ve addressed the challenges companies face training deskless workers and offer solutions.
  • Is an intranet really worth it? In a word, yes, because intranets play an essential role in today’s rapidly evolving digital workspaces. If you’re still unsure, see 11 Revolutionary benefits an intranet offers to allay all doubts. An innovative intranet platform really makes a huge difference when it comes to engagement and productivity.
  • When you’re ready to move forward with a new intranet or employee experience platform, you’ll have plenty of questions. What system is best for my company? What works and what doesn’t? Should I build or buy an intranet? Here are the tips and criteria to help you decide.

There are also several informative ebooks available covering trends and best practices, and offering all types of advice around communication. Check back here to make sure you don’t miss the latest as they’re released.

There’s more information about Simpplr here, and how we can help you build a workplace that allows everyone to simply flourishTM. And if you’d like a demo, please be sure to reach out! 

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