Redefining The Future of Work at Cohesion 2021

By Martta Rabago
In the ’90s, the internet revolutionized how the world worked. The internet allowed people to communicate globally within microseconds, gave birth to the now authoritative idea of e-commerce, and democratized access to information for millions of people. To say that the internet fundamentally changed the way society functioned would be an understatement. Just like the internet in the ’90s, we are currently seeing a revolution in how our society approaches work as more workers choose to work remotely and businesses find new ways to adapt in order to meet their employee’s expectations. Businesses are asking themselves not “if” they should change, but “how?” as they chart their course on the new frontier of work. 

At Cohesion 2021, our two-day virtual event on October 19th and October 20th bringing Comms, IT, and HR together to share success stories and discuss how to redefine the future of employee engagement, we uncover how the most successful businesses are adapting to this new world and are using it to build thriving, inclusive, and effective hybrid workplaces. Over the course of the conference, Cohesion attendees will have the opportunity to hear from industry leaders, culture revolutionaries, diversity experts, and peers on what the future of work could look like. 

Attendees will launch into the most important themes in building employee experiences for the next generation. Together, we will discover how to retain employees in a high-expectation and competitive market, how stakeholders of a virtual workforce should collaborate, and the most effective engagement playbooks for hybrid teams. 

Overcoming the Great Resignation

There has never been a more competitive market for hiring and retaining talent, studies indicate that things are just heating up. During Cohesion 2021’s sessions, we will hear from internal communication leaders across industries on why employee attrition is at an all-time high and what you can do to build optimized employee experiences. We’ll take our learnings and apply them during an afternoon workshop on increasing employee engagement creatively, led by Jason Anthoine (Founder, Audacity) and Beth Collier (Principal, Beth Collier Consulting). After the workshop, attendees will be invited to hear from employee experience professionals who are using cutting-edge technologies and tactics to create flourishing employee ecosystems. 

Collaborating with IT, HR, and Internal Communications

The effects of a hybrid workforce are far-reaching and have the potential to change every aspect of a business. The responsibility of optimizing the employee experience no longer can be attributed to one leader, rather, it is now the joint responsibility of IT professionals, HR professionals, and Internal Communications professionals to work together. Our panel of IT, HR, and Internal Communications leaders will share their experiences and best practices on collaborating with each other. In particular, they’ll discuss where the lines of responsibility should be drawn between functions and how to use collaboration as a catalyst for a change instead of as a roadblock. Attendees will walk away with proven playbooks on building a strong alliance with their fellow stakeholders as well as salient next steps to mature their organization’s employee experience governance. 

Playbooks on Increasing Employee Engagement

Lastly, Cohesion 2021 will feature boots-on-the-ground stories of how the best internal communications teams are unifying their communication programs and creating memorable campaigns that impact employee happiness, collaboration, and enablement. Attendees will learn how to successfully implement a virtual headquarters to unify the employee experience regardless of where their company lands on a spectrum of dynamic workplaces, how to drive executives to action in their internal communications, and which campaigns drive the most impact for employees. 

In addition to the amazing line-up of content and speakers, Cohesion will serve as a powerful platform for IT, HR, and Internal Communications professionals who want to network with peers while having some fun along the way. Our roundtables and dedicated networking sessions ensure that attendees will leave with not only an expanded understanding of what the future of work will look like but also a robust network of like-minded peers to collaborate with on the new frontier of work. 

Unless you have a time machine, you’re not going to want to miss Cohesion 2021. Make sure to sign yourself and your team up today to reserve your spot in what is expected to be the premier conference for professionals on the frontier of work. 

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