[Webinar Recap] Improve employee engagement and collaboration during remote work

By Hani Khan
With thousands of employees working remotely across different regions, it can be difficult for organizations to communicate company-wide news and updates. Learn how Datto, a leading provider of cloud-based software & technology solutions delivered by managed service providers (MSPs), connect and engage their employees across 20+ global locations with the ease of their Simpplr intranet.

Datto partnered with Simpplr on how to Improve Employee Engagement and Collaboration During Remote Work featuring Jessica Anavim, as she shared how to build out the best tech toolkit and how it shaped the organization’s communication style. Get insight on strategies to align communications to engage and inform employees.

Webinar Recap: Improve Employee Engagement and Collaboration During Remote Work

As the organization grew – Datto CEO, Tim Weller, took charge to find and implement a new intranet system that would become employees’ one-stop shop for all things Datto. Employees found it hard to navigate, and often turned to reaching out to individuals within the business when they needed answers to simple questions or access to routine documents.

In Improve Employee Engagement and Collaboration During Remote Work, Jessica shares how a cross-departmental team went through vendor evaluation and surveyed employees to understand what fits their needs. She also elaborates on how Datto uses their intranet to garner employee intranet adoption and ensure all the resources they need.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Datto:

  • Utilize the digital workplace to keep their global remote workforce connected
  • Aligned company communication to engage employees during an IPO
  • Build employee engagement to enrich company culture across communities

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