Work from Home Diary: Engage Your Remote Employees with Fun Social Activities

By Hani Khan
Day 5 - Friday, March 20 It’s the end of the work week and usually that means TGIF! But does that word still have the same meaning in a time of social distancing? What’s typically a weekend full of plans for brunch, hikes or get-togethers with friends has turned into a binge watch TV, deep clean sessions and video call catch ups with friends.  Our organization tends to be very social and active. You can often find random groups of employees at the lunch table, in the lounge area or even in the kitchen bonding over the tv shows/movies, the newest restaurant or an upcoming local event. With the abrupt transition to work from home, the company wanted to maintain a semblance of normalcy and keep employees engaged. 

Introducing Simpplr’s Team Bonding from Home #TBFH! 

Communication is essential for maintaining culture and engagement especially during this unprecedented time. At Simpplr, we set up a site on our own modern intranet platform to encourage team bonding from home. Every day at Noon PST, we share a fun prompt that solicits responses from across the organization and allows collaboration across departments.

Here’s a roundup of this past week’s #TBFH

Day 1: What is your Work from Home Resolution? 

Day 2: Show Simpplr your Green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day!

Day 3: Quiz of the Day: How Southern are you? In honor of an employee’s birthday

Day 4: Virtual Baby Shower (We had an office baby shower get postponed due to the abrupt WFH)

Day 5: Simpplr Bootcamp - how are you getting your fitness on? 

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