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How to Hire for Knowledge Management: Dynamic Work Knowledge Manager Job Description

Written by

Hani Khan


April 22, 2021


The future of work is here as organizations begin their process to return to the office. Businesses need to master their internal communications and adjust to the new working realities. Okta has coined the term “Dynamic Work” which meets employees where they’re at and provides them with tools and services to do their best work whether they’re in the office or remain working from home. 

The Dynamic Work Knowledge Manager

Knowledge is one of the primary assets of an organization. The flow of knowledge, into, whin, and out of an organization, and the embedding of critical knowledge into the organization, is a process that can be optimized through resourcing a Dynamic Work Knowledge Manager. People in this role are responsible for knowledge sharing across an organization and make sure it’s flowing efficiently and accurately. 

Sample Dynamic Work Knowledge Manager Job Description

As the Dynamic Work Knowledge Manager, you will be responsible for and collaborating upon a number of applications, technology and/or platforms that are utilized by the employees within the organization. In this role, you’ll have to work cross functionally across geographic locations to develop a strategy that supports and aligns organization-wide content and tools. Typically, this is a fast-paced role with ever-changing needs that drives change and has a strong impact. 

Dynamic Work Knowledge Manager Core Responsibilities

Promote knowledge capture: Create awareness in the organization of the principles of knowledge management and how they can impact the performance of the organization.

Facilitate Knowledge Management strategic planning: Plan, develop, support and promote collaborative tools and techniques such as communities of practice to facilitate sharing of ideas and work among internal teams and external partners

Establish Governance: You’ll work with key stakeholders across various departments to source content, information and align strategy with their vision. 

Monitor analytics and clean content: Monitor the effectiveness of the programs with metrics to evaluate its impact and success on the organization. 

Dynamic Work Knowledge Manager Qualifications

Experience: 5+ years of experience in creating and leading content in a knowledge management environment

Strong Domain Expertise: Be equipped with knowledge on deploying employee communication applications such as Atlassian, Slack, and Intranet platforms

Analytical and strategic: Need to be able to use data to generate insights and reports that translate into strategic initiatives to improve processes

Organized and creative: Must be able to respond to tight timelines and have the ability to problem solve with creative solutions that enhance the employee experience

Make it easy for IT and HR with Simpplr

One of the key roles of a dynamic work knowledge manager is to identify the needs and challenges that an organization is dealing with. The focus of dynamic work knowledge managers is on the employees to understand what they need to fulfill their employee experience. By aligning the organization’s strategic vision with adequate communication and collaboration tools, you will have the ability to make an impact on employees. 

Interested in a Knowledge Management role? Apply for a Dynamic Work Knowledge Manager Role at Okta now!

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