Simpplr’s ROI of Internal Communications Podcast Series

By Hani Khan
A big part of internal communications is engaging, informing and aligning the organization’s employees but it’s equally important to get buy-in from your executive leadership. Our ROI on Internal Communications Series focuses on how to make a successful business case to get sign off from your organization’s leadership team on key initiatives.

Welcome to Simpplr’s ROI of Internal Communications podcast series! In this four episode series, we will look at the many use cases for a new intranet solution, quantify the return on investment and prove why it’s totally worth it. 

Listen to the ROI of Internal Communications Podcast Series

How do organizations justify new intranet solutions? Simple, by building a business case. Join us to review the 9 most common business cases that can be easily solved through the use of a modern intranet.

How to quantify the return of investment of a new intranet? We will review the problems, look at the desired outcomes and share our suggestions. You’ll learn how ROI approaches go beyond merely measuring vanity metrics like logins and content consumption.

Only a few things are more powerful than the voice of the masses. Now that you have a general understanding of how you’ll build your case, seek out employee data to support your cause. We’ll show you how.

Learn about the power of A/B testing and how it helps to show comparative value. We will wrap up our series focusing on the beauty of internal communications and how important it is to align those with your corporate initiatives.

How do you demonstrate a clear return on investment of a modern intranet on your business?

Download our eBook on the Making the Business Case for a Modern Intranet where we draw upon findings and learnings from internal communications and intranet practitioners. While modern intranets help ensure every employee receives critical communications, your business case will also need to show why the investment is needed now.

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