[Webinar Recap] Transform your Employee Experience with a Digital Workplace

By Hani Khan
Bond Brand Loyalty is a leading global customer experience and loyalty management company. They believe that bonds between people are what build business and powerful experiences between a brand and its customers or employees are what create those bonds. With a growing distributed workforce, the organization needed a centralized, modern employee platform to inspire the team, create connections, share information, and drive engagement.

Bond Brand Loyalty partnered with Simpplr for Transform your Employee Experience with a Digital Experience featuring Lauren Gerow, Manager of Corporate Projects and Communications, and Jasmine Chan, Content and Communications Specialist, as they share how to deliver brand-aligned, relevant communications that inform, influence, and motivate employees in a remote world. 

Webinar Recap: Transform your Employee Experience with a Digital Workplace

As the company grew organically and acquired another company – the team and executive leadership assessed their communication strategy and realized employees needed a better platform for their virtual headquarters. 

In Transform your Employee Experience with a Digital Experience, Lauren and Jasmine share how the organization mapped business requirements to solve the age-old ‘Do I build or buy?’ dilemma. As Bond evaluated vendors and options, they created an evaluation rubric that helped validate key internal stakeholders must have’s and nice to have’s.  

In this webinar, you will learn how Bond:

  • Aligned business objectives to create a leading connected digital workplace
  • Promoted company culture to maintain remote employee engagement
  • Incorporate industry best practices to strengthen company communications

Watch the on-demand webinar

This is a webinar you don’t want to miss, find out how Bond Brand Loyalty did a rapid 8-week implementation and eliminated the use of company-wide emails using Simppr – view the on-demand webinar now!

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