Why We’ve Raised $32 Million to Build the Future of the Employee Experience


Today I’m excited to announce that Simpplr has raised $32 million in Series C funding led by Tola Capital with continued investment from Salesforce Ventures, Norwest Capital, and George Still Ventures. This new round of funding will help us accelerate our vision of building the penultimate unified employee engagement platform.

When Piyush Rajput and I founded Simpplr in 2015, our goal was simple: build a platform that connected employers and employees in an impactful way. At the time, this meant disrupting existing intranet systems built on one-way communication and archaic infrastructure. We knew that to create a platform that genuinely connected workforces together, it had to be constructed to enable multi-level communications, allow its users to access content in a tailored experience, and have a UI built on the best consumer design principles. 

Over the years, Simpplr’s platform has helped hundreds of companies revolutionize their employee experience. Our solution has enabled large enterprise organizations such as Nutanix and others to effectively manage large workforces with personalized communications and streamlined content management. This, in turn, has allowed these organizations to become more agile, enabling them to take action and adapt to organizational changes quickly across their workforce. 

The pandemic brought into focus just how important effective communication and organizational agility are to not only the survival of modern businesses but to their capability to succeed amid unforeseen circumstances. It also brought the “future of work” to the present as workers across industries have adapted and thrived in hybrid office environments — a reality that was decades in the making. 

In this new reality, businesses find themselves sliding across the spectrum of fully remote or hybrid employees. As companies scale and adapt to the individual needs of their talent, a source of truth for each employee, regardless of location, has become even more essential. While our mission remains the same, our vision for how our platform can revolutionize the employee experience has grown exponentially. 

This new round of funding will allow us to grow our product and go-to-market teams in order to continue building the best modern intranet platform in the world. Harnessing our existing AI-backed content management system and intuitive communication features, we are on a strong footing to continue our product innovation in the context of the hybrid workplace and deliver new features, products, and experiences for our customers and community at large over the next few years. 

Thank you to all of our customers, advisors, investors, and team members for helping to make the vision of a simplified employee experience a reality. We’re thrilled to continue pushing the boundaries of how the employer and employee relationship can be with your continued support.

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