Simpplr Fall ‘22 release: Jackson

By Lana Truong

Last quarter, we shared some amazing features with new hire onboarding and an upgraded newsletter offering––setting the bar for personalization enhancements. Keeping with that theme, Jackson, the Simpplr Fall ‘22 release, showcases a much-anticipated slate of new personalization capabilities designed to help organizations prioritize the employee experience.

Let’s start with a quick overview of this release:

  • Detailed analytics and themes for employee newsletters
  • Positive workplace enforcement with content moderation
  • Enhanced and new connections with search extensions
  • Transparent visibility into native video usage

Along with this release, we have a preview of future capabilities heading your way soon! To summarize, they are:

  • My Team dashboard analytics
  • Sentiment checks for continuous EX improvement
  • AI-powered perception dashboards Searchable and relevant Q&A capability
  • Rapidly created pulse surveys
  • Recognition showcase

Employee newsletters with detailed analytics and themes

Newsletter consumption is crucial, and so is understanding key metrics like open rates and click-through analytics. Recognizing this, our Employee Newsletter feature now offers new filters to compare analytics by department and location, and it comes with more default templates. Themes are now separated so each department can brand their newsletters as they like without having to recreate the wheel.

Content moderation with positive workplace enforcement

Content moderation automatically detects potentially toxic content and queues it for review with a moderator in near real-time. The functionality provides timely guidance to chronic offenders so they can rethink ill-advised content before it goes live. And it creates a way for employees to manually report questionable content for review. This way everyone feels heard, valued and supported in a positive workplace environment.

Enhanced url-based search

Simpplr search capabilities save users significant time by gathering information and documents found in various content repositories and knowledge bases. This release creates additional connection points for more url-based searching and the flexibility to search within Simpplr for platforms without direct integrations.

Simpplr intranet

Native video analytics and management with transparent visibility

This release offers App managers a deeper understanding of video storage and streaming bandwidth with the ability to view and manage videos within the platform. Analytics reveal the most relevant––and irrelevant––videos, and encourages managers to confidently remove underperforming options.

Simpplr intranet warning for deleting videos

Coming soon!

Beyond everything shared above, we have a robust “coming soon” list to share with the early adopters among you! Be sure to reach out if you’d like to learn more about our Early Adopter Program.

My Team dashboard analytics

This dashboard captures individual analytics for people managers’ direct reports. It helps them gauge content consumption by providing log-in rates, must-read completions, and overall adoption. And it also shows important team milestones like birthdays and anniversaries to ensure no celebration is missed.

Sentiment checks for continuous EX improvement

Sentiment Check creates a constant feedback loop to prioritize the employee experience by collecting real-time employee feedback. With a single click, employees share how they feel on a simple scale, and provide optional, anonymous feedback in short-answer form. Answers remain anonymized, with admins seeing analytics and filters to reveal top themes and responses. This insight is crucial for successful change management and for companies committed to continuously improving employee experience.

AI-powered perception dashboards

The perception dashboards offer real-time data overviews that create a snapshot of common discussions and associated emotions. Utilizing AI with natural language processing (NLP), 27 emotions are extracted, revealing positive, negative, and neutral sentiment, as well as themes in posts, comments, and replies. The data can be filtered by department and location to give an in-depth and informatively segmented look.

Searchable and relevant Q&A capability

Q&A is a dynamic feature that acts as an employee FAQ––only better. It allows employees to raise questions that existing content can’t answer and ensures that they always find what they need on the platform. Answers will be searchable and questions can easily be marked as duplicates to declutter sites.

Rapidly created pulse surveys

Employee opinion is priceless when it comes to winning support for initiatives or changes within the organization. And opinions change quickly.

Enter pulse surveys, with simple survey creation tools that quickly craft short surveys that can be pushed out on a regular cadence. They capture benchmarks for employee experience and engagement––the pulse of your teams––and they track sentiment around initiatives.

Powerful analytics show detailed reporting to take action and move to shift the narrative, as needed.

Recognition showcase

The Simpplr recognition module acts as a showcase where employees engage with each other by sharing team member accolades and creating a space for contagious positivity. There’s a data leaderboard, of sorts, showing top employees and overall recognition analytics. And it’s destined to be a popular place for employees to engage at your organization.

Where and how are employees engaging internally today? This release offers a highlight reel of options to kick off your EX efforts, and we have many others to share with you if you aren’t already using a Simpplr intranet. Be sure to connect with us for a personalized demo! And if you’re a current customer interested in Early Adopter Programs or upgrading your existing instance––and who wouldn’t be––please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. We’re excited to hear your success stories!

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