Simpplr’s Summer ‘22 Release: Ida

By Lana Truong
Simpplr Summer Release - orange square
We’re excited to share our new Summer ‘22 release, Ida. This release introduces additional Live EX™ functionality, which combines the best of employee communications with the latest in employee experience technology. 

Here is a quick overview of this release:

  • State-of-the-art email communications utilizing Premier Newsletter
  • Creating new hire onboarding workflows, straight from the intranet
  • AI-powered improvements with content moderation and recommendations
  • Efficient grouping utilizing active directory 
  • Additional customer feature requests and initiatives that have been added to the platform

With this release, we also previewed some future capabilities that are entering an early adopter phase:

  • Sentiment Check
  • Awareness Check

Premier Newsletter 

Premier Newsletter reimagines the newsletter experience for admins and employee audiences alike. With more customization options,  send professional, on-brand newsletters within minutes utilizing the easy drag-and-drop interface. Premier Newsletter also has plenty of template options to save valuable time. Simpplr’s “smart blocks” let authors designate sections of an email to populate with personalized content at the individual employee level.

Simpplr Summer Release - Intranet page showing Milestones & Progress

New Hire Onboarding

Enable new employees with everything they need with the new hire onboarding workflow. Administrators can easily curate content by selecting pre-existing content within the intranet. New hires will have an email waiting for them on day one, directing them straight to the intranet home screen where they get a quick start tour inclusive of the content. This streamlines the onboarding process and enables employees with all the knowledge they need to get started.

Simpplr Summer Release - Intranet screenshot of company onboarding page

Content Moderation

Keep the workplace a positive environment with this AI powered feature. Content moderation automatically detects toxic content and queues it for a content moderator review in near real time. It also provides valuable insights to chronic offenders. Employees are able to manually report content that they feel is inappropriate and needs an additional review.

Simpplr Summer Release - Intranet analytics & notice of inappropriate content

Content Recommendations

Personalize the employee experience with recommendations tailored toward the individual. AI backed content recommendations increase employee productivity, adoption, and engagement. Content recommendations are smart and adaptive to ensure accurate recommendations for each individual user. 

Sentiment Check (Coming soon)

Understanding how employees are feeling  about company news and initiatives is essential for successful change management and for improving the employee experience. . Sentiment Check collects real-time employee feedback at the point of consumption for key content. With a single click, employees can share how they feel on a simple scale, and provide anonymous feedback in short-answer form if they choose to. Admins can see all the analytics surrounding the content and news and even filter down top themes and responses. Sentiment Check allows for a constant feedback loop to continue to prioritize the employee experience. 

Awareness Check (Coming soon)

Information retention can be hard to track for employees. An awareness check not only allows for verification of “must-read” content, but also measures comprehension at the end of an important piece of content. The detailed analytics help identify knowledge gaps and opportunities for clearer messaging. This creates higher response rates and higher levels of content adoption.

If you’re a current customer who is interested in the Early Adopter Program or upgrading your current instance, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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