Elevating Manager Communications for a Dispersed Workforce


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Webinar Details

People managers are the catalyst driving communication, connection, and inclusion among their teams. That’s why it’s critical for them to deliver information effectively. Research shows that communication and trust are interrelated because undistorted, truthful and candid communication can increase group trust.

Join Madison Artist at GoDaddy and Paralee Johnson at Simpplr to learn how a solid strategy, storytelling, and focused attention via technology can be the secret weapon to create better communication among all workers, including those on the frontline and on production teams.

In this interactive webinar, you will discover how to:

  • Drive communications for frontline, in-office and remote employees.
  • Identify gaps in the employee experience and learn improvement tips.
  • Understand your organization’s current state of communications and how to improve based on assessment.
  • Empower leaders to make an employee’s job less tedious, more efficient and simpler.


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