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Simpplr Intranet Features that Matter: Content Governance Capabilities

Written by

Jamie Yan


June 20, 2019


Simpplr Research has shown that lack of governance is the driving reason for intranet failure. This is partially attributed to the lack of content governance capabilities. To learn more about governance, read this post here. This means that intranets lack technological capabilities that remove manual work that is required to keep intranets up-to-date and relevant for your users. Because this is such a widespread problem, we’ve built Simpplr to help intranet managers overcome one of the intranet’s most pressing problems: becoming a content dump.

Simpplr’s Auto-Governance Engine

In Simpplr’s case, we’re committed to using research to back up what we build, such as our elegant interface and making sure our integrations are purposeful. Much like our Smart Search, Simpplr’s auto-governance engine operates powerfully behind the scenes. Simpplr’s auto-governance engine is made up from a series of “behind-the-scenes” capabilities and algorithms that effectively prevent your intranet from becoming a content dumping ground.

Here are just 5 ways Simpplr’s Auto-Governance Engine helps maintain an up-to-date intranet:

Content auto-archiving

A modern employee intranet should help you focus on writing quality content that is relevant for your users. There are two types of content: knowledge documents and news. We need to be aware that certain types of content have a shorter shelf-life than others, such as news and events while knowledge documents, such as policies, have a longer shelf-life. To prevent your intranet from becoming overrun with outdated material, we have auto-archiving capabilities that are integrated into your content workflow.

Once you set your options, Simpplr will automatically archive the content based on the time frame you choose.

Prescriptive content and site analytics

Analytics are critical to understanding the health and overall success of your intranet. While we provide in-depth reporting on engagement and adoption, we take it a step further to help you take action. One example of this is our analytics have a prescriptive element that tells you which sites or content pieces have the lowest engagement and presents you with a deactivation option. This information is surfaced in your intranet analytics dashboard, making it easy to access. With prescriptive content and site analytics, it’s easy to keep your intranet fresh with the most engaging and up-to-date content so you reinforce the value of your intranet.

Simpplr analytics dashboard Overview

Search analytics

Our Smart Search is unique not only in its own capabilities, but it’s also tied to our analytics. Simpplr’s search analytics helps you understand the minds and goals of your employees. Because search is one of the most widely used functions, knowing how people use it and what they search for is incredibly helpful when planning your content strategy. The content governance engine surfaces both the most common search terms and which frequent search terms aren’t yielding results.

Essentially, Simpplr’s it tells you what types of content or documents are in demand and what people are searching for but can’t find. This helps you understand what types of content need to be created, so you don’t waste your time on content that nobody is searching for. You can think of this as a built-in “to-do” list when creating content. We know that intranets need to be continually updated to stay relevant across your organization, and the search reporting will help you to accomplish exactly just that.

Curated folder integrations with network shared drives

When you think about all the documents and files that exist within an organization, it gets frightening! Like many organizations, there are documents that existed 10 years ago that are still accessible in shared folders or network drives. You do not want every single folder to be synced to your intranet! It’s important that content is curated and smartly linked to the intranet. You can choose which folders to integrate by allowing site managers to map to external systems. So, for example, an HR manager may link the intranet to the “Approved Benefits Documents” folder but not to their “Work In Progress” folder. Curating at the folder levels allows Simpplr’s search to be much more functional and reliable for the end-user because it limits the search results that would overwhelm users. In the worst case, a non-curated search returns irrelevant and outdated information. The way Simpplr’s search works makes it much more reliable for the end-user than even searching directly in Box or Google Drive. Some intranets integrate Google Drive directly, or they tie Google Drive search into another federated search tool, such as Google Cloud Search. This approach runs of the risk of drowning all of your good content with the irrelevant.

Document versioning

Document versioning is not our latest and greatest feature, but still remains a critical component to keeping your intranet the single source of truth for your employees. Simpplr’s content governance engine allows for document versioning so you don’t have cleanup legacy versions with every content update.

Additionally, with real-time syncing between Simpplr and your cloud-based management system integrations, you can update your file in Google Docs, OneDrive, or whichever system you prefer, and those changes will be reflected in your intranet. That way, you don’t need to manually update between the two systems. This capability ensures that your files and documents are up-to-date across your applications and accessible throughout your organization.

Content easy in, easy out

Simpplr’s design philosophy is simple (pun intended): We want it to be dead simple to create content AND we want it to be just as easy to prune and maintain existing content. The combination of these capabilities will ensure your intranet content is the most up-to-date with minimal effort so you can focus on more important things.

(But Note) Content Governance is not limited to technology

Modern intranets have made it easier to manage the intranet with built-in governance capabilities. But keep in mind, technology is only part of the equation to reduce the risk of intranet failure. There are other major components such as adopting intranet best practices and forming a content governance committee that is critical to the success of intranets.  We’ve written an entire series on Intranet Governance Processes.

Governance is the top reason for intranet failure. To download our governance checklist, click here.

intranet governance checklist

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