Simpplr Intranet Features: Language Localization

Intranet features - snapshot of Simpplr intranet homepage in Chinese
We just went live with our Spring ‘19 release and are excited about our language localization improvements. Simpplr has always been capable of publishing news and content in most languages.

With the Spring ‘19 updates, organizations can more easily and systematically update the system language preferences so the menu options and navigation can be localized. Plus, it’s not all or nothing for a particular language. Users get to choose their default language preference and installations can support multiple languages at once.

Intranet features - Simpplr intranet homepage

Why is localization important to us?

It strikes at the core of what modern intranets are trying to solve: to connect employees across the distributed workplace! Nearly every company has multiple office locations and spans the globe. At Simpplr, we have offices in three different countries. These improvements help us stay closer to our mission to connect these employees.

Here is how simple it is:

  1. Administrators are allowed to determine whether the capability is enabled and which languages are allowed
  2. If users want to change their preferences, they have the ability to change their language settings directly within their profile settings

Simpplr is today’s modern employee intranet. Our software helps companies engage their workforce by streamlining internal communication and forging employee connections. To learn more, view our 3-minute demo.

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