Simpplr Research: Annual Intranet Research Highlights for Practitioners

By Simpplr Research

Simpplr Research 2018 Intranet Highlights

The Simpplr Research team has been hard at work over the past year to deliver new quality insights to help intranet practitioners get more out of their programs. We set out to understand and learn more about 2018 intranet industry trends and its impact on the workplace. Here are a few highlights:

Why Intranets Fail

Intranets have been failing for years. In many ways, the industry has evolved and re-created itself, yet many of the same challenges from 25 years ago persist today. We’ve surveyed nearly a thousand intranet practitioners to identify the most prevalent reasons and dig deeper in each respective area. This intranet research provides us, as a solution provider, a deeper understanding of the most pressing issues and challenges surrounding intranets, so we can better focus our product roadmap and service offerings on priorities that matter. For customers and practitioners, the intranet research can serve as a maturity framework and can help companies self-assess their intranet program’s risk of failure and identify blind spots. You can download both an infographic and whitepaper here.

What Culture and Engagement has to do with Employee Retention

Investing in internal communications and finding ROI from intranet initiatives has always been a challenge. Furthermore, as we constantly complain that executives aren’t pulling their weight with internal communications, we haven’t done a great job proving why it should be important to them as individuals and to the success of the company.

So we decided to conduct a study. And we:

  1. Scoured through Glassdoor™ data throughout the entire Wilshire 5000 index
  2. Surveyed the same audience to ask about what drives employee engagement and internal communication
  3. Hired a smart PhD candidate to crunch the numbers and perform statistical analysis.

The results show the biggest drivers of employee engagement and retention are centered around finding purpose in a job, being aligned with corporate priorities, and having a sense of community. Internal communications professionals have a lot of strategic influence over a company’s culture and retention. They simply need to understand the bigger picture and have a compelling argument to bring to their management. You can download the infographic from Simpplr Research for a great start.

State of the Intranet 2019

Every year, Simpplr Research commissions a survey directed at hundreds of internal communications and IT professionals to learn the current state of corporate intranets.  The survey report provides benchmarks, maturity levels, statistics, and best practices for current intranet deployments. It shows where intranets are currently prioritized relative to other initiatives. See where you stack up here.

About Simpplr Research

Simpplr Research was created in 2018 to provide customers and intranet practitioners insights and benchmarks to get the most out of their internal communications programs. With a rigid, analytical approach we hope to use data and insights to guide the corporate intranet industry and Simpplr’s solution strategy. To learn more or to suggest research topics contact us at

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