[Webinar Recap] Advice from the Experts: Internal Communications during COVID-19

By Hani Khan

As companies are dramatically shifting to remote work policies, communication teams have had to manage communications in this ever changing environment. Communication professionals Jason Anthoine (Managing Founder of Audacity, Carolyn Clark (Director of Internal Communications at GoDaddy), and Matt Roszell (award-winning Communications Expert) joined Simpplr in sharing best practices, available resources, and provide insight on how to manage a strong work culture from home. 

What has your week been like? 

In a roundtable panel style, the experts asked “What has your week been like?” with attendees astoundly expressing the same thing:

  • “It’s nonstop communication – from employee comms to customer comms to leadership comms with every changing messaging as new information trickles in.”
  • “Very intense communications and efforts to engage and inform our teammates how to handle a sudden Work-from-Home remote culture while allowing them to figure out the balance between family and business”
  • “A sudden flurry of how to engage employees and help them stay connected to the workplace and keep them updated with the most important communication” 
  • And most importantly “Trying to ensure the well-being of our employees during these trying times”

Webinar Presentation PDF: Get an inside look at the deck and what resources are available to help manage constant change.

In this expert panel, Jason, Carolyn and Matt shared:

  • Changes among internal communications professionals amidst the last couple weeks
  • What resources are available to help with communicators message constant change and abruptly manage work from home culture
  • Learnings from previous endemics and crises and how they were effectively managed

Watch the webinar on-demand here

Provide remote employees a virtual headquarters

Simpplr announced a new Work From Home 2020 Communication Plan to support organizations with a guaranteed two-week deployment for its enterprise-wide internal communications platform.

As Jason Anthoine put it:

Internal communications - barn with billboard on the side saying

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