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Analyst Research by Gartner on ‘CIO’s Guide to COVID-19 Communications’

Written by

Hani Khan



April 9, 2020



According to Gartner “CIOs and their teams play a key role in enabling communications (such as remote working) requiring close collaboration with the broader enterprise communications apparatus.”

Dedicated to CIOs, this report outlines useful guidance on communication broken into key impacts and top recommendations on impact appraisal for COVID-19 communication. The research provides essential information to help CIOs manage staff anxiety and tension through better communications.

During this unprecedented time, Simpplr is also offering  a new Work From Home 2020 Communication Plan to support organizations with a guaranteed two-week deployment for its enterprise-wide internal communications platform. Simpplr built its software to help distributed organizations connect and align their workforces by streamlining internal communications and connecting employees across disparate locations.

“Employees need a centralized, single source-of-truth for centralized company communications. Leaders need a platform to lead the organization and reinforce employee morale to mitigate fear and doubt,” said Dhiraj Sharma, CEO of Simpplr.

Download this complimentary Gartner report to:

  • Learn how to address worker anxiety while maintaining reasonable levels of productivity
  • Better collaborate with the enterprise communications team
  • Show how CIOs can help employees craving information and guidance

For more insights on employee communications, read this Gartner report and learn how Simpplr can help your organization deliver on your internal communication needs. 

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