Analyst Research by Forrester asks ‘Is your intranet dead?’

By Hani Khan
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Analyst firm, Forrester, released a report ‘Your Intranet is Dead: Reboot Communication and Collaboration With Employees At The Center’ focusing on rethinking your mission, purpose and underlying technologies for better employee experiences.

Although traditional corporate intranets have been around, they have failed to provide an engaging experience for employees. Instead, traditional intranets frustrate and confuse employees because of their inability to deliver personalized, relevant, and accurate information. In addition, traditional intranets are difficult to manage, requiring highly skilled workers for frequent maintenance.

According to the Forrester report, “A lower percentage of global information workers say that they’re satisfied with their employee intranet or company portal than with any productivity tool… Satisfaction and a sense of productivity require people to have access to the right resources. According to Forrester’s Employee Experience Index, employees are more likely to be engaged when they believe their IT department is focusing on helping them be productive.”

Simpplr is the modern employee intranet that helps companies connect and align their workforce as employees are more distributed than ever. Simpplr’s intranet software brings your people and the digital workplace together. Today’s digital workplaces need modern intranets that are purpose-built for internal communications and address the challenges of employee engagement.

Per the Forrester report, when it comes to intranets: employees are frustrated, silos and content dumping grounds are prevalent, and technical debt is rampant. It’s time to rethink your intranet. Get the complimentary report and learn the 6 key areas of an intranet reboot.

You’ll learn:

  • Research-backed employee needs in the modern workplace
  • How aging intranet platforms prevent innovation
  • How to approach six key areas of an intranet reboot
  • The 7 core capabilities of a modern intranet

For a more in-depth understanding of the workplace challenges and how to evolve your intranet to meet today’s demands, download a complimentary copy of the Forrester report: Your Intranet is Dead: Reboot Communication and Collaboration with Employees at the Center.

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