Response to COVID-19: A Letter from our CEO

As we continue to get information about COVID-19 and learn about it on a daily basis, Simpplr has a plan in place to make sure all employees stay safe and healthy as well as to keep operations up and running.

Being able to respond and react quickly to the constantly evolving situation while maintaining uninterrupted service for our customers is a huge part of our commitment and culture. 

Transparency is a major component to Simpplr’s mission and in order to make sure employees stay up to date, we’ve reinforced health and safety standards to protect our employees during this time.

I’ve come together with our leadership and advisory team to create a strategy that will ensure that not only our business stays up and running but also for Simpplr customers while people work remotely to keep themselves healthy. The Simpplr platform handles thousands of users updating, collaborating and engaging with content nation-wide with over 200 happy Simpplr customers.

Health and Safety for Employees

Simpplr’s ethos embodies how employees work and how to keep the company culture strong. With that in mind, we are only successful if we have a strong, healthy workforce so as a company, we have suspended international travel and are limiting non-essential domestic travel until further updates as well as improving health and hygiene across all office locations. 

Simpplr Business Continuity

Keeping Simpplr operations intact during this time (and all the time) is important to us. With our start-up culture, work from home is a standard practice and a part of a normal routine with no disruption to work productivity. We ensure that employees have the best technology tools available for secure communication via video and messaging, content collaboration and our own platform, Simpplr. This helps ensure that there’s no interruption when it comes to remote work for all employees and keeps customers informed on their internal organizational updates.

Supporting Organizations and Customers with Simpplr

Simpplr has been actively supporting our customers as some of them transition into remote work. With Simpplr, users can share important company-wide timely information – not only in their location but around to their various offices. Communication doesn’t get lost through instant messaging, on conference calls or in emails but is housed in a central location and can be updated as new information comes in. 

Employees are getting buried in information and especially working from home, it’s hard to keep everyone on the same page. Simpplr’s platform highlights important news, focuses employees on what matters, and reinforces company values. 

Additional tips and resources on managing remote employees: 

We are proud to work with our customers during this difficult time in every organization and are available to help in any way that we can.

Help us, Help you

Simpplr wants to hear from you – how are you adapting to changes in your workplace? Have you enforced a work-from-home policy? Is your organization undergoing any changes during this evolving time? Share your story with us! Simpplr is in a unique position to help companies during this time, we want to share best practices and how we can be of the best use for you!

We’re working with the Simpplr Advisory Committee to put together a webinar specifically catered for your needs during this time of uncertainty. Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar announcement. 

Dhiraj Sharma
Founder & CEO, Simpplr
March 12, 2020

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