Enrich Your Intranet Communications With Native Simpplr Video

How to create an internal communication plan
Video is one of the most effective ways of communication in today’s world.

In the context of Simpplr and intranets, Simpplr Research found leading internal communication programs have something in common: the usage of videos as a part of their communications strategy. With Simpplr’s native video capability, you can host, upload, manage, and view videos right from your intranet. Simpplr Video makes it easy to turn a stale intranet into an engaging, media-rich intranet that elevates the employee experience.

Why use video in your intranet communications

If you look around, video is one of the main ways we consume information. From watching the news to binging your favorite series on Netflix, the way we consume information has dramatically shifted to video content. In corporate communications, employees prefer video when it comes to delivering information-dense content (Kaltura’s 2019 State of Video Report). As distributed or hybrid work environments become permanent, forging authentic connections laterally and vertically become more difficult. Video communications are the most impactful way to bring back those connections we need in today’s modern workplace. 

Common video use cases in intranets

  • Leadercast for executive communications and to build executive presence
  • Employee onboarding and training
  • Product video catalogs
  • Departmental and/or company meetings
  • Town halls
  • Presentations
  • Formal and informal announcements
  • Welcome videos and introductions

Why Simpplr Native Video

While videos are one of the most effective ways to amplify intranet engagement, managing video content on third-party platforms is cumbersome juggling multiple logins, especially when most are built for different goals and use cases. With corporate videos, it’s extremely important that videos are private, and purpose-built for the employee experience so video content is searchable, easy to share across the intranet, and provides insightful analytics to help drive employee engagement.

Because video is natively built, Simpplr Video helps reduce friction for creators that generally comes with using third-party platforms. If you’re using YouTube, you understand the many steps it takes to first, login, and upload the video, then embed it into your intranet.

Simpplr’s Native Video centralizes video content management to view, record, publish, distribute, and measure performance and engagement. Simpplr also integrates with leading video hosting platforms (like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia) making it the single destination for all your company videos.

Simpplr Native Video helps:

  • Simplify video content management by enabling hosting, managing, tracking, and sharing video content – all on the intranet.
  • Employees find exactly what you need through Smart Search that sifts through keywords, metadata, and automated transcripts upon upload.
  • Make it easy for leaders and employees to communicate authentically by recording and sharing videos with a push of a button.
  • Enables Leadercast to help rehumanize executive communications in the modern workplace.

Streamline video creation and management all within your intranet

Simpplr’s native video takes the pain out of managing videos on third-party platforms by allowing you to record, upload, store, and manage corporate videos all within Simpplr. Uploaded videos are automatically stored and organized appropriately into video folders that are easily accessible.

Internal communicators can share important company announcements and information with video to boost employee engagement. HR can onboard new hires more quickly with training videos and quick start video guides. Marketing can share and extend promotion and campaign videos through departmental pages. Business leaders can communicate and lead employees through authentic video communications.

Native Simpplr Video - Simpplr intranet homepage

Make video content discovery easy with AI-backed search

Upon upload, Simpplr Native Video automatically generates transcripts that are then indexed and made searchable through our federated search. This makes it extremely easy for employees to find and recall information from presentations, company meetings, and other video content. No longer do employees have to sift through hours of raw video footage to find what they need. Employees can search videos by:

  • Video title
  • Video metadata description and details
  • Automated transcripts
  • Timestamped keywords

Create mobile videos on the go

Employees and leaders now can shoot and post their experiences with the rest of the organization. Using Simpplr’s mobile intranet app (iOS and Android), you can directly record, upload, and share video content instantly right from your intranet app. No additional steps or software is required, eliminating multiple logins. Because of the ease of use, you can fuel content creation without frustration (and reduce IT tickets!).

Native Simpplr Video - sample post on Simpplr intranet

Automatically generate transcripts upon upload

Simpplr’s native video eliminates the need for additional video transcription services, saving you time and cost. Once you record and upload a video, Simpplr will automatically generate transcripts within the video details page that you can view and manage, including video details and metadata. Because this was purpose-built for the intranet experience, the automated transcription helps index video for search, making it easy to find what you need.

Embed video content in every facet of your intranet

Media-rich intranets have higher engagement and put faces on company culture. Video capabilities are woven across all aspects of the user experience, including social feeds, pages, albums, employee profiles, events, blogs, and the carousel to supercharge intranet engagement and connectivity.

Know which videos are a hit with native analytics

Easily know which videos have the highest engagement with in-depth, native video analytics. Video analytics allow app managers to view stats and know how to optimize engagement. You’ll be able to identify trends and gain new insights from uploaded videos and measure performance by:

  • Number of views
  • Total viewers
  • Total watch time
  • And more.

Support global audiences and languages

The workforce continues to become more global, with offices around the globe. Fostering inclusion and a sense of belonging are critical to keeping employees engaged. With Native Video, you can help facilitate language learning and comprehension with automatic captions that adapt to accents and 20+ global languages.

Host video content securely within Simpplr

Private company videos should be exactly that: private. With third-party platforms, there’s always a risk of strangers finding company videos intended to be private. This can happen even with certain video restrictions. Simpplr Native Video keeps private videos within your company’s firewall, only allowing access to employees, no one else.

Improve intranet engagement and internal communication with Simpplr Native Video

Transform the way your employees connect and engage throughout your organization with Simpplr Video. There is more demand for businesses to capture employees’ attention, especially as the workforce is more distributed than ever.  Contact us today to learn more!

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