[Webinar Recap] Engaging employees and aligning knowledge management with an intranet

By Hani Khan
For an intranet to succeed, content needs to be well organized, well structured, and connect employees across the organization. Learn how Flexcare Medical Staffing, a nationwide leader in travel nursing and allied staffing services for top healthcare facilities, developed an intranet content management strategy to engage and align their workforce.  

Last week, IABC partnered with Simpplr for Engaging employees and aligning knowledge management with an intranet featuring Shannon Quignon, the Business Systems Analyst at Flexcare Medical Staffing, as she shared how Flexcare was able to successfully launch “FlexNet”, the organization’s first intranet platform backed by Simpplr that shaped how the organization interacts with employees and manages their content system.

Webinar Recap: Engaging and aligning employees

As an organization with dispersed employees across the nation, Flexcare was having a hard time aligning employees with a centralized repository on up-to-date information and guidance on procedures. Employees were constantly facing issues of policy version control in shared drives that made it difficult for them to collaborate and stay informed.  

In Engaging employees and aligning knowledge management with an intranet, Shannon shares how the organization is utilizing an intranet to transition their business processes from startup to corporate mode. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Flexcare:

  • Launched the intranet in 6 weeks
  • Developed an intranet content strategy to streamline communication across departments and locations
  • Aligns corporate strategy on the intranet to help connect and engage employees
  • Transformed content from multiple sources into one platform
  • Empowers and requires every employee to build and maintain the intranet

Watch the on-demand webinar

 This webinar garnered plenty of questions from attendees, which were answered at the end for Q&A. Don’t miss this! View the on-demand webinar now!

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