Workplace alternative FAQ: Simpplr vs. Workplace by Meta

Simpplr Workplace Alternative FAQ

Looking for the best alternative to Workplace by Meta? Use this FAQ to explore how Simpplr stacks up against Workplace (spoiler alert: industry analysts rank us the No. 1 intranet platform and our customers love us).

Organisations seeking a better intranet platform are asking these questions in the wake of the Workplace sunset announcement. My deep knowledge of the employee technology industry informs my answers, as does my experience with what businesses of all sizes — but especially those with 500+ employees — need to keep their workforce informed, aligned, and connected. Oh, and I sold Workplace by Facebook (later Meta) for four years before joining Simpplr.

What is Workplace by Meta?

Workplace is Meta’s all-in-one business communication platform. You can see from their website that it looks and feels a lot like Facebook, which is one of the reasons I think it has been so popular.

What basic details did Meta give customers in the Workplace sunset announcement?

According to their website, Meta announced that Workplace will be shut down. Customers can use Workplace as normal until August 31, 2025, after which it will become read-only until May 31, 2026. On June 1, 2026, Workplace will no longer be accessible.

What are some of the key reasons behind Meta’s decision to sunset the product?

Meta discontinued Workplace to “focus on building AI and other metaverse technologies,” according to information obtained by TechCrunch. Meta already declared artificial intelligence its top priority for 2024, with a strategy that revolves around using AI to enhance its advertising platform and improve business messaging capabilities, in addition to continued investment in augmented and virtual reality product development. It does seem like a harsh, even brutal step, but Workplace is an unnecessary distraction for Meta. However, it will be a pain felt by customers and partners who invested in the product for many years.

How does Workplace by Meta differ from Simpplr?

If you use Facebook, then you already have a good understanding of what Workplace looks and feels like. Workplace is essentially an enterprise social networking tool. To me, here’s the main difference between Workplace vs. Simpplr:

Simpplr is the leading AI-powered employee experience platform, and it’s much more than an intranet or social networking tool — delivering benefits across the employee lifecycle, from personalized onboarding to integrated recognition and automated service delivery.

Simpplr is trusted by over 1,000 leading organisations and we’re the only company that is both top-rated by Gartner and consistently recognized a Leader by Forrester. It’s worth noting that Workplace didn’t even rank in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Intranet Packaged Solutions™ or Critical Capabilities report.

Simpplr scored the highest in Ability to Execute and furthest for Completeness of Vision in the Magic Quadrant, and we were No. 1 among 15 vendors for five out of six use cases in the Critical Capabilities report.

I think where Simpplr really excels and what excited me about the product was how we help our customers transform their employee experience with AI that is built to support EX (Simpplr AI·EX).


Simpplr is a comprehensive employee experience platform; Workplace is like Facebook for work.

What first steps should Workplace customers take if they are considering switching to Simpplr?

Get in touch with our sales team and see what Simpplr looks like! Check out a short demo. Let us know if you work with a Workplace partner or not. And tell us if you’re a Workplace for Good customer, a program which offered Workplace for free to charities.

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