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The world of work has changed, but the core imperatives for leadership remain the same: to connect, engage, and inspire people to do their best work. Simpplr helps you focus on what’s important to every employee, provides the insights and visibility you need to take effective action, and empowers everyone in your organization to engage meaningfully.

Learn why leaders love Simpplr:

  • Create a people-centric workplace

    Give employees a voice using surveys and AI signals that measure sentiment and alignment, so you can understand their emotional journeys, whatever changes you are navigating.
  • Strengthen your employer brand

    Happy, engaged employees give recruiting a leg up. Use Simpplr to inspire employees to be your greatest advocates.
  • Improve decision making

    Identify gaps in employee understanding and engagement. Measure how well employees align with priorities and make informed decisions on how to course correct.
  • Empower leadership to listen and course correct

    Distill billions of employee data points into actionable insights and recommendations with Simpplr AI.
  • Make leaders more visible

    Elevate two-way conversations across the organization through communications channels that reach all your people.
  • Capture real-time feedback

    Analyze what’s driving sentiment, identify risks, and address them proactively before they turn into problems.

Success story

How Simpplr helps leaders and executives

Simpplr Case Study Nutanix

Nutanix proves ROI with Simpplr


improvement in onboarding efficiency


increase in employee NPS


improvement in onboarding test results


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