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Connect remote employees during uncertain times

Keep remote employees connected

Simpplr’s software helps organizations streamline internal communication and forge employee connections.

Announcing Simpplr’s Work From Home 2020 Communication Package:

  • Guaranteed two-week deployment
  • Waived implementation fee
  • Free, accelerated onboarding
  • No training required

As we undergo times of uncertainty and changing work policies, we’re here to help.

Deploy Simpplr in two weeks
with no implementation fees


Equip your workforce with Simpplr’s
Work From Home 2020 Communication Package

We’re waiving implementation fees and offering a two-week deployment to support organizations with an enterprise-wide internal communications platform to keep the workforce connected and aligned.

Point-and-click interface to publish updates immediately

Easily publish company updates and policy changes on the fly. No coding required.

Company-branded internal communication platform

Keep your company branding with point-and-click controls to engage employes and maintain company culture efforts.

No training required

Administer, create, and consume content effortlessly with minimal training required.

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